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Sexiest women in The Gambia:
Who gets your vote?

What’s On-Gambia is getting ready, as the voting for the much-awaited Gambia’s Sexiest Woman in 2013 begins. The excitement is killing us!

Below are the 20 sexiest women that you, What’s On-Gambia readers, helped us identify. We would like to thank our panel of celebrity judges.

Aminata SallahShe is into fashion and knows what it takes to look beautiful. Aminata, fondly known as Tweety, is current studying Law in the UK.

Awa Jobarteh 

She is a program presenter for GRTS. Awa is one of the most respected women on TV.

Cany Jobe

She is beautiful, classy and elegant. Cany Jobe is currently studying in Australia. She is happily married with a son.


She is one of the country’s most talented singers. Cess is the daughter of veteran musician, Lie Ngum.

Fanta Ceesay

She is a prominent program presenter for GRTS. Fanta is also a well-recognized model in The Gambia.

Fatou Khan

She is undoubtedly one of the most successful Gambian models in Sweden. Fatou is currently going to university in Malmö, Sweden.


Love her or hate her, Fayer is an immensely talented model. She was a TV presenter before she travelled to the US to further her education.

Haddy Orton Faye

The owner of Absolute GLAM, Haddy is one of the most successful young businesswomen in the country. She owns the vehicle with the private number plate, Fayer 1!

Ida Bidwell

Also a businesswoman and TV presenter, Ida is happily married.

Khadija Muhammed Danso


She is Gambia’s Paris Hilton, Khadija’s dad is popular millionaire Muhammed  Danso. She is currently in the UK furthering her education.

Maria Sawaneh

An international beauty queen and Model, Maria is the current Miss West Africa-International. She was born and brought up in Germany.


A promising Gambian singer/songwriter, Mariam was born in Pipeline and moved to the United States when she was 11 years old.

Marie Gomez


Her father was the organizer of the Miss Gambian Beauty Pageant, Maria is an actress based in the UK.

Nancy Mboob

She is a musician, who is gaining popularity both in The Gambia and abroad. Nancy is also happily married to a semester in the UK.

Natalie Gomez

She is the daughter of former Justice Minsiter, Edward Gomez. Nathalie is one of the beautiful girls in the country.

Hellen Zainab Maroun Sakho

A businesswoman who loves fashion, Hellen is married to champion wrestler Balla Gaye II.

Oumina Braima

She is a well respected young lady, who is slowly becoming a businesswoman. Oumina is married to the manager of Afri FM.

Ramatoulie Gassama

Beautiful and intelligent, Ramatoulie was the co-presenter of the Fatu Show on GRTS. She is married to a magistrate.


The girl with Gambia’s sweetest voice, Rugie is an established singer.  She is one of the few female singers who are capable of cracking into the Senegalese music market.

Zainab Fatty

She is the daughter of the late Imam Fatty of Tallinding. Zainab is the girl that every man wants to date.