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These transactions, recorded May 10 to May 12, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

900a N. 3rd St. unit 201 Mark and Lori Brownstein to Joseph W. Canaday, $349,000.

2516 S. 3rd St. Forrest Investment Trust LLC and Michael Lipton to Raymond Basso, $95,000.

1032 N. 4th St. N. Liberty Group LP to Michael and Heather Golarz, $471,135.

5311,5313&5315 N. 5th St. Jung Yun Lee to Hung Nguyen and Thuy Phan, $325,000.

2320 S. 9th St. Albert D. Lancellotti Sr. to Li Qing and Dian Ming Jiang, $180,000.

1160 S. 13th St. Linda Hai to Bao Chiung Yu, $230,000.

1341 S. 16th St. Joseph Williams to Dung Lac and Tam D. Tran, $140,000.

2201 S. 24th St. Samuel and Mary Ettore Masciarelli Jr. to Thao Vo, $125,000.

139 S. 49th St. Patricia Henderson to Bradley Woodson, $312,000.

1528 68th Ave. Mary L. Williams to Paul Clemmons, $95,750.

1955 73rd Ave. Joseph R. Francois to Jamaal Brown, $101,900.

2436 S. 75th St. Angel R. Alverez to Lydia Elizabeth Williams, $135,000.

11740 Academy Pl. Keith Fretz and Kevin Disantis to Daniel C. and Joan Oates, $190,000.

909 Afton St. John Pizzileo Jr. to Joseph N. Terrey, $209,900.

5345 Akron St. Laura McNally to Jerry Viel, $105,500.

11935 Alberta Dr. Joseph J. Fiandra and Mildred Chrupcala to James J. Collins, $195,000.

921 N. American St. Empire Investments LLC to John Nguyen and Siu Fong Julie Chan, $485,000.

1115 Anchor St. Sandra and Edward McCarthy to Carmen S. Perez and Rafael Arce, $122,000.

1345 Ascot Pl. Sol and Beverly S. Superfine to Stephen J. and Barbara Gregory, $227,500.

4434 Ashburner St. Alan D. Shorr and Walter Dacyna to Jose E. and Kelly L. Diaz, $200,000.

914 Atwood Rd. Gilda M. Blasiotti and Joseph Cipriani to Sheila Foreman, $94,100.

3042 Baltz St Yolanda Thompson to James Wilkins III, $95,000.

6522 Battersby St. Wachovia Bank and Helen Staffieri to Michael Lowry, $142,000.

7311 Belden St. Donald and Rita Vandermay to Jian Zhong and Wen Huang, $173,000.

5619 W. Berks St. Edward and Lucy Glover to Theresa L. Jett, $116,000.

2602 S. Beulah St. Amy Ridolfi to Hsiao L. Weng, $99,900.

1013 Bingham St. Dianna Settefrati to Brian Sullivan, $235,000.

5008 Bingham St. Joan Livingston to Koon Yun Huang, $85,000.

12628 Biscayne Dr. Donald E. Timson to Daniel M. Vollmer and Kristina Galichinski, $190,000.

9228 Blue Grass Rd. unit 11 Toner Development Corp. to Robert F. McLaughlin, $183,900.

9228 Blue Grass Rd. unit 12 Toner Development Corp. to Dianne T. Schuhl, $159,900.

9228 Blue Grass Rd. unit 24 Toner Development Corp. to Anita Camacho, $159,900.

9228 Blue Grass Rd. unit 27 Toner Development Corp. to Roman Zelfon, $164,900.

9228 Blue Grass Rd. unit 4 Toner Development Corp. to Augustine J. and Rita Venditti, $154,900.

9228 Blue Grass Rd. unit 5 Toner Development Corp. to Luis G. Soler Llavina and Carol Lopez Diaz, $189,000.

9228 Blue Grass Rd. unit 6 Toner Development Corp. to Eunice N. Sin, $184,900.

9228 Blue Grass Rd. unit 9 Toner Development Corp. to Ilya N. Zherelyev and David Lynn, $159,900.

6524 N. Bouvier St. Frankie A. Hughes to Michael Stokely, $90,000.

2018 Brandywine St. Charles T. and Winifred M. Carroll to Kevin T. and Amanda A. Ryan, $395,000.

7624 Brentwood Rd. Gertrude Gubin to Charles Speight and Jontue Hurt, $119,000.

9014 Brous Ave. Dolores M. Serici to Patience Douglas, $189,000.

6002 Buist Ave. Christopher W. Herbert LLC to Kenyon Holley, $91,760.

9906 Bustleton Ave. unit D1 Harriett Kaplan Engel and Will Of Sidney Regelman to Helen Adler, $171,000.

3636 Calumet St. Bruce Holdsworth and Joseph D. Petrone Sr. to Michelle L. Byrd, $175,000.

315 Cantrell St. Amy Dubin to Michael C. and Anna Marie Castagna Sr., $178,000.

3410 Capri Ct. Westrum Capehart LP to Tuan Anh Nguyen and Oanh Thuy Doan, $429,325.

3414 Capri Ct. Westrum Capehart LP to Jesus Herrera, $375,990.

6222 Cardiff St. Gregory Mulcahy to Jihui Chen and Hui Fen Wang, $134,500.

6136 Castor Ave. Sai Chiang and Nim Ian Kuong to Tu H. and Quan C. Ly, $160,000.

1702 Catharine St. Francis Jenkins Jr. to Andrew and Deirdre McDermott, $160,000.

5028 Catharine St. Keith Robinson to Chondell Smith Carter, $170,000.

310 E. Champlost St. Hud and Shameeka Harris to Wei Cheng Li, $85,001.

1231-1233 E. Chelten Ave. Marvin Lawson to Kenneth Rouse and Tiffani Jordan, $160,000.

7701 Chelwynde Ave. Yolanda Yvette Jones to Thomas J. Pugliese, $90,000.

5225 Chester Ave. Jeffrey J. Smith to Deirdre Guice, $133,000.

3678 Chesterfield Rd. Catherine Scheidler to Anthony Kuraptwa and Henrietta Kurapatwa, $229,900.

1500 Chestnut St. unit 8a 1500 Chestnut Associates LP to Kathryn L. Deluca, $465,300.

2101 Chestnut St. unit 1004 River West Development LP to Charles Danza, $240,000.

2101 Chestnut St. unit 1118 River West Development LP to Mehul Amin, $337,900.

2101 Chestnut St. unit 808 River West Development LP to Carol Shore, $243,900.

2101-17 Chestnut St. unit 1023 River West Development LP to Alissa Cowden and Marvyn H. Wolf, $116,057.

3516 Chippendale St. Lesia Yasinsky to Luis M. and Lisa Marie Camacho, $164,000.

4211 Chippendale St. Jamie R. Oconnell and Kelly A. Green to Jason and Laura Gensamer, $137,500.

1837 Christian St. 1837 Christian Street LLC to Leexan Hong, $454,500.

103-107 Church St. unit III Zagara Old City LP to Dan Pulka, $362,500.

4061 Claridge St. Martin R. and Joanne Keane to Connie Brown, $98,000.

1012 S. Cleveland St. For The People Housing LLC to Daniel Francis and Peter McDonough Jr., $90,000.

6121 W. Columbia Ave. Robert Glover to Michael and Shannon Dimascio, $184,900.

3 N. Columbus Blvd. unit Pl218 Elijah S. Dornstreich to James D. Beil and Laura E. Tangradi, $269,000.

3600 Conshohocken Ave. unit 304a Carlos M. Pria to Courtney A. Myketey, $105,000.

66 E. Coulter St. Alex Schevchenko and Boris Tanskiv to John Sanseverino and Jeffrey Duldulao, $150,000.

9935 Crestmont Ave. Andrew P. Campbell to Susan McGraw and Jessica McGraw, $179,900.

2446 S. Darien St Dennis J. and Christine M. Quinn to Caraland Ngo, $130,000.

1329 Devereaux Ave. Stephen and Eileen Guckins to Cindy Ai Zhen and Emmeline Ma, $120,000.

2044 Devereaux Ave. Wyvrene Damita Phill to Diego L. and Patricia R. Alegria, $154,000.

5828 Dickens Ave. Solomon K. Abrham and Tigist K. Melesse to Hassan D. Goines and Valerie Hodge, $88,000.

6730 Ditman St. David Miller and Estate Of Charles P. Miller to Carla D. Applegate, $120,000.

7224 Ditman St. Joseph G. and Melodie M. Shea III to Ismael and Liliana Aponte, $133,000.

362 Dupont St. Bernard D. and Grace L. Bryson Sr. to Lauren K. and Neil J. Conway, $162,000.

39 E. Durham St. Barbara Ann Haig to Ellen Sisle and Kenneth M. Schotsch, $150,000.

1617 E. Duval St. William E. Clark to Freda Harper, $114,000.

1392 Dyre St. Lisette Rodriguez to Dwana Lofton, $117,400.

306 W. Earlham Ter. Vadim Gitman to Dax and Giovanda Richardson, $280,000.

4262 Edgemont St. Martin E. and Marlene Buck to Gerard A. and Mary Ann Burke Jr., $173,000.

1108 Elbridge St. Us Champion LLC to Kazi Hashem, $105,000.

1325 Elbridge St. Grigory Valdberg to Mai T. Tran, $105,000.

12112 Elmore Ter. Margaret and Michael V. Melvin to Eric R. Walter, $158,000.

6655 Erdrick St. Michael S. and Elizabeth M. Kazmiroski to Chao Yin Lin, $125,000.

8818 Fairfield St. Marcia Levine to Elyse R. Blank, $188,000.

7837 Fayette St. Hud and Shameeka Harris to Alicha Kilgo, $105,000.

2432 Federal St. William White Jr. to Andrea Dennis, $85,000.

602 Fernon St. Fred J. Musilli and Robert Bodek to Vincent J. Digirolamo Jr., $88,500.

4337 Frankford Ave. Fountain Of Hope Ministry Inc. to Gary Segal, $100,000.

2510 S. Franklin St. Zhi Xiong Chen to Lei Hua Lin, $90,000.

2618 S. Franklin St. Hien Tu to Peter Sok, $165,000.

3326 Friendship St. Joseph M. Perrello and Amy M. Rietzen to Maureen T. Frawley and William J. McGroarty III, $180,000.

2425 S. Front St. John J. Devereaux and Anne M. Volkmer to James P. Kane, $133,000.

138 Gay St. Harry Scott and Robert Perry to Michael Guagliardo and Dana A. Tobin, $256,000.

8404 Gibbs Pl. Emma G. Thomas to Toan Doan and Thuy Le, $148,000.

2911 Gilham St. Thomas O. Jones Jr. to Dena B. Shevlin, $119,000.

9329 Gillespie St. Bernard E. and Valerie J. Lomax to Joseph Cunningham Sr., $180,000.

173 W. Girard Ave. Joseph Cikalo and Estate Of Volodymyr Cikalo to Glenda McFeeters, $216,000.

331 W. Girard Ave. David M. and Christine M. Harris to David B. Kay, $180,000.

6824 Glenloch St. Adrienne M. Ruggieri to Migdalia Hernandez and Migdalia Gonzalez, $144,900.

58 Good St. James Fee and James Egan to Mary Arlynda and Vermell Williams, $87,000.

303 Governors Ct. unit 1505 Toll Naval Associates to John Anthony Grantham, $627,975.

4927 Gransback St. Johny J. and Bertila Pittappilly to Santiago Peralta, $84,900.

605 W. Gravers Ln. 605 Gravers LP to David Harper and Cynthia C. Richards, $1,895,000.

1253 Greeby St. Windsor Enterprises LLC to Jihui Chen and Hui Fen Wang, $120,000.

1342 Greeby St. Harry and Ethel Fischman to Donna Marie Talley, $115,000.

6014 Greenway Ave. Fatumatta Dukuly to Armah Konah, $84,900.

5016 Griscom St. unit 18 Treadstone Realty Inc. to Yevgenia and Samuil Lukovsky, $190,000.

2061 E. Hagert St. Ramon N. Veloz to Misty Sparks and Gina Unander, $139,050.

252 W. Haines St. Vangy A. Maddox to Mary and Randall K. Walker Guinn, $87,500.

1510 Hellerman St. Galaxy House Doctor Inc. to Mei Ling Gao and Kam Sau Chu, $159,000.

3930 Henry Ave. Lucille Spaniak to Kevin James McDowell and Suzanne Marie Duplantis, $487,500.

8003 Henry Ave. Desantis Development Group Corp. to Catherine A. Sulimay and Daniel H. Gewecke Jr., $460,000.

130 Hermit St. Bruce E. Shapiro to Richard H. and Elizabeth D. Albright III, $235,000.

1450 Higbee St. Us Champion LLC to Yun Duan, $107,100.

239 Higbee St. David B. and Thelma L. Widmaier to Anitra Vie, $110,000.

4 E. Hortter St. Sarat Thach to Kimbrey A. McCormick, $92,000.

1249 N. Howard St. Howard Square LLC to Christian A. Sado, $409,900.

3596 Indian Queen Ln. June Crockett to Leah Silverstein, $225,000.

2538 E. Indiana Ave. Anna Marie G. Adair to Steven Zdorow, $110,000.

603 Jamestown St. Blandina A. Dean to Jennifer Wilson and Frederick J. Kruck, $190,000.

8108 Jeanes St. Betty J. and Elizabeth J. Marley to Jonela Gjergjaj, $225,000.

5408 W. Jefferson St. unit 10 Tony Anderson to Cynthia Brown, $110,000.

652 W. Johnson St. Larry McElroy to Joseph J. Sacco, $179,000.

2655 E. Juniata St. Bk Enterprises Inc. to Jena M. Walsh, $220,000.

2116 Kater St. Christopher T. Ireland to Megan G. David, $334,650.

3333 Kayford Cir. Paul M. Dikun and Will Of Paul W. Dikun to James Bolognone and Megan Marks, $209,900.

134 Kenilworth St. Adam Berger and Deborah Glassman to David H. and Adele G. Henry, $465,000.

2425 Kimball St. Kirk Watkins to Michael A. Bell, $315,000.

4100 Knorr St. unit G Denis Greenland and Estate Of Wilhelmina M. Greenland to Amy E. Radcliffe, $98,000.

8940 Krewstown Rd. unit 102 Rosanna Lichtenstein to Jeffrey and Ilene Seidel, $170,000.

7218 Large St. Hernan and Rosalba Cortes to Irma Delia Castillo, $154,800.

603 Lawler St. Alakathu Abraham and Santhamma Ipe to Lucilla S. Matson, $222,000.

4126 Levick St. Josephine Schast to Vincent A. Pennise Jr., $105,000.

1119 Lindenhurst St. John F. and Margaret R. Nugent to John Druding and Michele Zazzara, $386,000.

4455 Livingston St. Mariuszk Perkowski to Andrzej Jasinski and Maria Jasinska, $135,000.

200-10 Lombard St. unit 642 Nicholas M. and Patricia Elliott to Stacy Hetherington, $237,500.

2035 Longshore Ave. Raul R. Cainas to Meiling and Jin Gao, $167,000.

207 Longshore Ave. Susan Green to Tina Marie Black, $126,900.

1002 E. Luzerne St. Johannie Madera to Van H. Tra, $124,000.

1630 E. Lycoming St. Christopher M. Wise to Carmen Melendez and Lenny Devictoria, $79,900.

1826 E. Madison St. Yefim Podokshik to Kirby Coughlin, $85,000.

7400 Malvern Ave. Concepcion Roseleur to Kimberley Goodman, $169,900.

513 Manton St. Ann Marie Lacivita to Thomas D. and Eric Lepore, $90,000.

5211 Market St. Vendors Acceptance Corp. to Charles Weiner, $110,000.

6142 Market St. unit 46 Alveta Baptiste to Lemlem B. Yemane, $100,000.

3067 Martha St. Victor Dyundik to Sherry Miller, $79,900.

2658 E. Mayfield St. Craig Miller to Liam Andrade, $190,800.

1125 McKinley St. Galaxy Properties LLC to Kea M. Grant, $106,000.

1466 McKinley St. Helen Weigand to Enrique Colon, $149,900.

3070 Mercer St. Jmmg Holding Co. Inc. to Julian Armata, $165,000.

1205 Mercy St. Rdh Holdings LLC to Robert I. and Lynne A. Kaltman, $129,900.

3544 Meridian St. Robert C. Troutner to David Rutledge and Kristen Driscoll, $164,900.

2642 S. Mole St. Nancy Merlino and Jane Lerro to John Deblashs, $123,000.

9946 Montour St. Joan M. Breslin to Trevor and Dolorea Davis Sr., $277,500.

1318 Morris St. Albert J. Pozza and Estate Of John B. Pozza to John Chang, $150,000.

314 W. Nedro Ave. Minh Son to Socheat Svay, $105,000.

3810 Oakhill Rd. Blair Demarco to Joseph S. and Joann G. Maio, $375,000.

3438 Oakmont St. Sandra G. Richards to Irma Rolon, $185,000.

1001 N. Orkney St. Marisol Santiago to Peter D. Cyriacus, $245,000.

5233 Oxford Ave. Suzanne M. Brennan and Maryanne Brennan McCarron to Steven Ostroff, $97,900.

1022 E. Palmer St. Robert H. and Edith M. Fisher to Michael D. Casey, $255,000.

6922 Paschall Ave. Rhonda Johnson to Linda Samuel, $90,000.

2210 Pemberton St. Aminda Lene Dasilva Amos to Christopher and Emily Stromberg, $265,000.

5864 Penn St. Francis J. and Dolores J. Brennan to Michelle T. Walker, $125,000.

2601 Pennsylvania Ave. unit 1012 Christopher N. and Jelena K. Christensen to Robert and Rochelle Caplan, $435,000.

928 E. Phil Ellena St. Hyacinth Mason to Robert Mazer, $79,000.

1526 Pine St. unit I-A Society Hill Group Inc. to Audrey Soslow, $384,900.

4923 Princeton Ave. Bolivar A. Tavares to Angel L. and Anna L. Vazquez Jr., $110,000.

4900 Pulaski Ave. Paul O. Wright and Debra Ann Powell Wright to Christopher J. Lisko, $127,200.

12119 Ranier Rd. Jennifer Cullen to Victor Mamontov and Natalia Mamontova, $208,000.

2904 Rawle St. Carmela Rita and Carmela Rita Spera Revocable Living Trus to Philip Sprenkle III, $162,900.

6104 Reach St. John F. Burke to Valerie A. Moore, $130,000.

388 Ripka St. Vernon J. Kaiser Jr. and Florence E. Stewart Revocable Living Trust to Joyce Kaiser, $90,000.

432 Ripka St. Beverly A. Nese to Shane Brody, $175,000.

1412 W. Ritner St. Joseph A. Contino to Livingston White, $239,000.

224 W. Rittenhouse Sq. unit 230 John Abramson and Carol Meshon to James B. and Sallie M. Warden, $835,000.

342 E. Rockland St. Muawia B. Bisharat to Emanuel Torres, $79,900.

27 W. Rockland St. Cheryl M. and Cheryl M. Robinson Berry to An T. Greaves Sr., $99,900.

7345 Rockwell Ave. Sang K. Park to Thirupandiyur Udayakumar and Vijayalakshmi Gunaseelan, $209,900.

4714 Roosevelt Blvd. Jose J. Martinez to Nelson Martinez, $200,000.

5223 Roosevelt Blvd. Valentina Enache to Ciprian and Alice Danscoi, $120,000.

5408 Saul St. Shui and Shui Yan Ong to Michele Brown, $124,000.

6423 Saybrook Ave. Le Cam Trinh to Robert Bonaccolta, $95,000.

935 E. Sedgwick St. Carmen and Cheryl Garner to Vincent Webster, $198,000.

531 Seville St. Hud and Shameeka Harris to Asaph and Esther Michel, $220,000.

217 Sparks St. Nancy Ward to Salik Plummer, $89,900.

89 W. Spencer St. Maricel and Dante E. Glova to Siman Suon, $82,000.

824 Stanwood St. Brian P. and Lori Ann Servis to Crystal Valentine, $204,900.

1524 Stevens St. Roger Yeung Liu to Kazi Hashem, $115,000.

4329 E. Stiles St. Michele Patricelli to Timothy B. Proud, $135,000.

5823 Stockton Rd. James M. and Jane J. Jacquinto to Rita Acolatse, $109,900.

1844 Strahle St. Valery and Elina Sudakin to Noorulamin Malik, $180,000.

1428 E. Susquehanna Ave. John N. and Marie R. Idler to Thomas A. and Maryanne Milligan Jr., $200,000.

3611 Sussex Ln. Mary F. Hesley to Maria L. Natale and Christopher M. Ejdaharian, $178,600.

3235 S. Sydenham St. Francis Dirosa and Vincent Fiorella to Michael Dipietro, $422,500.

1116 E. Sydney St. Hud and Eric Bryant to Angela Wilson, $172,915.

5344 Sylvester St. John Wm. Brucker III to Edmund Nelson, $95,700.

5233 Tabor Rd. Paulo Santos to Yu Ming Weng, $170,000.

6135 Tackawanna St. Rosaura Juarbe to Wei Dong Xia and Ling Wai Ho, $192,000.

2219 Taggert St. Eduart Plaku to Edmond and Aurora Konda, $160,000.

4543 Tampa St. Marc Tripler and Kenneth E. Way to Josef Peebles, $84,700.

861 N. Taney St. Kathleen S. Trayte to Steven Freedman, $255,000.

1329 Tasker St. Michael L. Mita to Jeffery Cotton, $385,000.

4304 Teesdale St. Sherri Taylor to Harvey Arellano, $136,400.

5435 Torresdale Ave. Eileen Rauscher Gray and Michael J. McCauley to Eileen Rauscher Gray, $144,000.

6708 Torresdale Ave. Ida I. Denofa Gambardello to Nelly Lucy Jimenez, $148,000.

1224 Tree St. Hope Honig and Keenan Rosen to Beth Anne Morris, $200,000.

720 Tyson Ave. Jose A. and Maria E. Velez to Paul Nguyen and Tran Le, $222,000.

1132 Unruh Ave. Yuriy Kharpko and Halyna Khrapko to Demea B. Hunter and William T. Perry Jr., $227,000.

7532 Valley Ave. John Hack Jr. and Jennifer L. Reed Hack to Timothy L. Strange and Lisa M. Martello, $280,000.

4613 Van Kirk St. Victor L. Ortiz to Bethzaida Torres, $139,000.

587 Van Kirk St. Cruz D. Rivera to Kangni Folly, $121,000.

6526 Vandike St. Leonard and Galina Woshczyn to Colleen McGlinsey, $98,000.

9210 Vandike St. Jason and Maureen R. Harrison to Paul and Betty Lou Melino, $197,500.

319 Vine St. unit 408 Berkshire Vine Street LP to Rochelle Waters, $639,000.

85 Weaver St. Urban Resources Development Corp. to Stephanie Harris, $87,500.

1735 Webster St. Salvatore J. Panasci to Gregg and Frances Peraino, $128,000.

2628 Welsh Rd. unit 106 Edward C. Sweeney to Marina Klimkina and Ruslan Fedunyak, $81,000.

3544 Welsh Rd. Chun Dong and Young Hee Park to Wan Su Cho and Pun Ho Kim, $170,000.

2728 Willits Rd. Dhan and Mita Philip to Lyndell K. Davis, $210,000.

38-40 E. Willow Grove Ave. Rose M. Malley to Peter R. and Pandora Lorenzi, $425,000.

6583 Windsor St. Djbra Kamara to Efedua Okolo, $130,000.

222 W. Winona St. Lyle R. Jenks to Petros and Persefoni Kapotas, $220,000.

8233 Winthrop St. Joseph R. and Rita H. Perrello to Kimberly and Michael Tauscher, $260,000.

349 Winton St. Scott Becker to Michael Castagna, $80,000.

364 Winton St. William H. and Dolores M. Morrow to Eric Maratea, $80,000.

148 W. Wyneva St. Brian A. and Donna Terrell to Shannon L. Holmes, $106,000.

122 E. Wyoming Ave. Van Van Vy and Sin Bich Ho to Luckner and Marie Arlene Jean, $165,000.