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Take it from Dancing with the Stars celebrities — hours of dancing lops the pounds off.

But even faster?

“I actually lost 15 pounds in one week of just trying to learn the choreography,” Ryan Guzman told Celebuzz at Tuesday’s Hollywood premiere of his new dance movie, Step Up Revolution. “When it’s 105 [degrees], you’re going to sweat.”

How long did he keep it off?

Shooting for the film’s rigorous dance sequences was brief — lasting only a few weeks in Miami, Fla. last summer.

The timing worked well for Guzman’s diet — he could go back to eating what he wanted almost as soon as he lost the weight.

“They were force-feeding me everything [after filming] — donuts, pizza, whatever they can find, they would throw down my throat,” Guzman says.

Guzman was joined by costar Kathryn McCormick on the red carpet in Hollywood Tuesday — and by a host of dancers and even a graffiti writer.

McCormick and Guzman are a rumored real-life couple — but there was no PDA between the two. Still, other cast and director Scott Speer (otherwise known as Ashley Tisdale’s real-life boyfriend) credit the duo’s chemistry for screen attraction.

“She was amazing,” Guzman said of McCormick. “Whenever I found myself stumped in dance, I would talk to her — and she would give me inspiration. I helped her out with a little more with the acting part, just getting her outside of her head. Then she did the same thing with the dancing.”

Celebuzz also had a chance to speak with McCormick, formerly of So You Think You Can Dance. For a variety of dance scenes — from group high-energy to intimate couple dance — she credits the two of them as a unit.

“Ryan is incredible,” McCormick says. “He is naturally talented, and I don’t know how we did it. He had never danced before a day in his life. And he had the courage to get in the ring with all these great dancers.”

She adds, “He is a great partner. I have partnered with so many people. And he is a great partner. He’s so connected. And he just wants to be as good as he can. We both definitely helped each other.”

With Channing Tatum starting the Step Up franchise — and now hitting a hot streak in Hollywood — Guzman has similarities to Tatum, says McCormick.

“A lot of people compare Channing and Ryan,” McCormick says. “Obviously, you can. They are similar — in their look and dancing style. I think Ryan is going his own way as an individual. I don’t know which way, but it’s going to be far.

Costar Cleopatra Coleman hinted strongly the two have a real-life connection. She told Celebuzz: “They were great together. They’ve got great chemistry. That’s all I’m saying!”

What do you think of Ryan and Kathryn in Step Up Revolution? Do you believe he lost that much weight dancing? Let us know in the comments.

The film hits theaters July 27. Check out the trailer, below:

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