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WillythebamJonson: Have a laugh. It's fun. At my camp we have to serve the cabin we pranked.

anonymous: Depend on the prank in some cases pranksters should be punished In others they shouldn't

anonymous: I think camp pranks are really fun but not if you prank someone who is OCD or something like that then it's mean I've had pranks pulled on me and seeming as I'm a pranker myself usually find them quite funny

anonymous: unless they actually hurt someone emotionally or physically then they are just part of summer camp!

anonymous: You can't make it to extreem and make the camper not want to come again but it can be a silly inocent prank.

wjlambert lm: I definitely side against punishment, but have been first the recipient and then the instigator, I know both sides of the fence. It really sucks to be the receiver especially if you're naïve about the whole thing. I think that camp pranksters should be aware that they are fair game as well

Virginia Allain: Fun activities as long as they don't single out a very shy kid and humiliate him or her. (I was always that shy kid and it would have been excruciatingly painful to have a prank pulled on me)

mariacarbonara: Great fun as long as they don't go too far

Birthday Wishes: C'mon people, everybody did a practical joke when they were young...

anonymous: I love practical jokes! I never went to summer camp, but that never stopped me! I even pull them at work with a select few people!

anonymous: jokes make the world go round

anonymous: They're basically harmless. I'd totally enjoy helping out, or even coming up with my own. :D

anonymous: I don't think practical jokes should be punished unless they endanger people or damage property. Some other ideas that i have done myself are: 1. Fill a super soaker with fermented pickle juice (it helps to make friends with the kitchen staff) and then sneak up behind a camper or counselor for a new take on a "water" fight. 2. To get revenge on someone sneak into their cabin and steal all of their remaining clean clothes. Then fold them all neatly in a pile and soak them with water and stick them in a freezer. (the camp nurse lended her freezer to help) then when all the clothes are frozen in a block of ice set the block on the person's sleeping bag. If you are lucky it will slowly melt soaking their sleeping bag and by the time they find it they will have a wet bed and still frozen clothing. Another suggestion I have is to make friends with all the camp staff. You never know when you may need to borrow some pickle juice or a freezer..... haha

jondar: No I don't think they should be punished. Its all in good fun.

BlackSunflowerB: I never went to summer camp :(

Michelle: As long as the don't involve blood or fire and no one gets their feelings hurt, they can be great fun.

miaponzo: Mostly pretty harmless :)

mindlessnin: it depends on whether the pranks were addressed to those who needed it...

GeekGirl1: I think it's ok as long as it's a harmless practical joke.

Tony Payne: I think there is nothing wrong with harmless pranks, as long as they don't come across as bullying to the recipient and as long as they aren't dangerous.

DogAdvisor LM: Harmless, fun, and a rite of passage into adulthood! You have to learn to laugh at yourself in order to grow, mature, evolve into adulthood.

anonymous: They should'nt be punished for having harmless fun. Of course if it goes too far then sure.

anonymous: Its part of life!

anonymous: it's just a little fun to make summer camp seem fun. No one should be punished

JoleneBelmain: I think they are harmless, but people should be aware of what pranks they are pulling as well and to make sure they don't get out of hand.

gravityx9: It's all in good natured fun, but prankster beware of retaliation! :D

Tolovaj Publishing House: If there is no harm, pranksters should not be punished!

anonymous: Harmless, all in the nature of camp and good natured rivalry.

anonymous: say the name of your fav cousin x1 scratch your head x5 eat a whole pie x1 find an ipad 2 in your closet

MrsPotts: Totally harmless and part of camp experience! Although I think the pranksters shouldn't be surprised at getting some kind of backlash if their discovered.

anonymous: really really weird pranks kinda stupid too really plain...and nothing severe

anonymous: pranking is a ton of fun

Jolyne LM: A little fun to raise spirits is always welcome :)

michael kapsner: Yes they are natural, fun, and naughty (perhaps). I have been the 'victim' of one such prank and somehow managed to continue on with my life :-). It's a good reminder not to take oneself too seriously....

anonymous: Summer Camp minus the practical jokes??? BOR-ING!!!

CruiseReady: It's just part of NORMAL growing up!

anonymous: they should never get in trouble i mean its camp duh there will be pranks. so if you've been pranked and don't like it get over it and get revenge

anonymous: i think as long as they stay harmless the pranker should never be in trouble!! its just innocent fun!

anonymous: They r awesome, i like playing pranks on my guy friends because they r such easy targets

anonymous: perfectly harmless and super funny and they should not be punished

HorseAndPony LM: I think they are a necessity and the pranksters should not be punished.

anonymous: lame

anonymous: it all depends on the joke

anonymous: these pranks are honestly terrible.. our camp pranks are beast compared to these, like putting life savers in the shower head so they get a sticky shower, and tying up peoples feet then setting off an air horn (:

anonymous: i say i think they aren't naughty enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm mormon, and on july 20th I'm going to young womans church camp, and i garuntee we will be doing pranks that are alot worse than that! come on, step it up, on a scale of one to ten, these are only a 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous: As long as the joke is that, a joke. If it's meant to be mean or offensive, then it's fine.

anonymous: harmless they brighten up some camps


anonymous: i think these are funny! i did one of these once and that way the prankster can be getten back a!

Deb4FlatTires: I love it!!! As a summer camp counselor, I've endured my share of pranks and played quite a few. It's rite of passage.

Carolan Ross: Harmless and hilarious, sort of a right of passage.

Nancy Tate Hellams: Yes, they are basically harmless and add to the fun and memories of the Camp Experience.

Faye Rutledge: Harmless and part of the fun of camp.

JMowe: Ha ha! Im a prankster so I think that these are just part of the process. Even though pranks can be a little crazy, in the end people will bond and enjoy friendships and their prank stories for years to come! "I remember when..."