Nice, review app clover dating boy ugly but

  • Awesome 5/5

    By Whittloo

    Karma I want it why I don’t know but if I rate this app 5 stars I get it

  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Unusual Nodlem

    This is by far the worst dating app there is. But don’t trust me. Waste your time as long as you want. Perhaps you’ll even get $30 stolen from your “free 7 day trial” line I did.

  • Banned 1/5

    By Tears of Fire Gaming

    Wow I barely used the app never talked to anyone never actually did anything on the app when i first got so i logged out I logged in today about a month later and it says my account has been banned for violating term and conditions like what I haven’t done anything

  • Please make clover back to the previous version 1/5

    By Ughhh Connection problem

    I used to like clover so much more, which I only get messages from people i am attracted to because we both liked each other. But now, they can't see my likes and I get messages from people I'm not interested. This is getting really annoying Please make clover to its old self again, which is more fun, secure and well thought out

  • Used to be the best dating App 1/5

    By xCloverUser

    This app used to be awesome but then clover redesigned it. So now the only way to meet people is to subscribe $30/month to their account, needless to say I won’t be using this app and I will let anyone else know not to use it unless they’re willing to fork out $30/month. Clover change it back to your previous design because you just lost a user and anyone I let know about it.

  • Joke 1/5

    By Rayray1331

    Literally can not do anything on this app without paying for it. Worst dating app out there

  • Minimalist 5/5

    By Msturts

    I like lie and pie

  • Very nice 4/5

    By Sokmeoff

    It’s good so good

  • It’s AMAZING 5/5

    By Kaitie4680

    It allows you to really connect with others, and pick who and what you don’t like. Only wanna date a certain race? This makes them easier to find! They even have groups you can join!!

  • It’s alright 4/5

    By Shooter190

    I still haven’t got any matches, but it varies by location I suppose

  • Erased my matches/Bugs 1/5

    By RIP_Tinder

    Apparently the recent update erased my matches...either that or the bugs continue. There are definitely better dating apps out there, so don't waste your time here.

  • Fun 5/5

    By NagleK


  • Horrible. Absolutely horrible. 1/5

    By Lbag

    Sluggish. Slow. The new update is trying to be “different” with favorites but doesn’t even allow you to talk to anyone without paying LOL. Absolute garbage. With matches it was bearable but now to do anything worthwhile, you need to pay a ridiculous amount for a application that the company doesn’t even bother fixing all its shortcomings. Borderline feels like the entire application is a scam.

  • After new update 1/5

    By Sertttttt

    After new update this app very hard to get match they did something wrong nobody wants to use this app anymore they have to change something about matches

  • Dead zone 1/5

    By Thebestnikname

    No one ever matches or talks on this app, seems like they just want your money then they’ll shoot you someone you’ve matched with.

  • Completely Ruined a Unique Dating App 1/5

    By Wurlitzer157Duplex

    There was some update recently that resulted in the app becoming virtually useless without paying money. You literally can’t do anything except ‘favorite’ someone, oddly replacing the like feature. No longer can you see who likes you for free. It’s whatever, just download Tinder: an app which not only is great but continues to improve.

  • Hate the new update 1/5

    By Paradoxed117

    I hate the new update it makes the app for only people who have premium. So not going to recommend this app to any of my friends I’m gonna tell them to go for POF or ok Cupid. Where they have free access and don’t force you to buy the premium

  • Was good. 1/5

    By [email protected]$4

    Was the best dating app ever. But now after the update you have to upgrade and pay to do anything. You can’t talk to or Connect with anyone in anyway unless you pay. Junk useless app now

  • Great 5/5

    By mudazo

    I love the way hey organized everything. Totally worth it.

  • Bring back the match 2/5

    By Rei Nana

    This app was great until they took away the matching. Now it feels like I’m roaming around and not really meeting anyone. It’s chaotic. Please change it back and I’ll change my review.

  • Clover 2/5

    By Zzssvbb

    It’s stupid how we have to pay 29.99 to talk to somebody.. i can’t do anything with out paying

  • $30 a month no thank you 1/5

    By Djstiky

    This app doesnt let you make a profile without paying and when you do get it its a bunch of bots not worth it

  • Garbage 1/5

    By Redfoxrtyh

    Don’t bother. Recent update made it so you can’t talk to anyone unless you pay, completely retarded. How can you have a dating app without the ability to talk to people. It makes no sense

  • Used to bey favorite 2/5

    By Tiktoktati

    It was better before the change in format

  • Stupid 1/5

    By byork95

    I really have to pay $30 a month to send a message? I’ll stick to tinder thanks

  • Details 5/5

    By ohSNAPitsSHAP

    I like how many little details you can specify on your account.

  • Matching? Conversations?? 1/5

    By 022regittT

    With the newest update there is no way to match and start a conversation. I cannot match with someone to begin a conversation. I just have to start a conversation but that’s impossible to do without spending the monthly membership at premium. Good job, you killed your app.

  • Useless without premium 1/5

    By Dip$hit McFluffermuffin

    I'm not paying $30 a effing month just to be able to message people I'm interested in, you'd have better luck with tinder honestly

  • Want different go Clover 5/5

    By Sugaluxe21

    I’ve been on a good amount of dating sites, but this app is different from any other app I’ve ever been on. I enjoy the mixers and the energy is great on clover. Two thumbs up from me.

  • Useless 1/5

    By Bader Al-Ghanim

    You have to pay to use it!! Really??

  • New update ruined it 1/5

    By WeemaN

    Before the update it was nice, now you have to upgrade to premium to message anyone. Pretty lame, just like all the other dating apps out there. Next!

  • Match function 1/5

    By NashvilleShuggie

    Previously when You matched with someone, you could communicate. Loved it. Met someone, and we went out a few times. Enjoyed chatting with others. Now with the changes - no liking for potential matches, I will likely delete it.

  • Worst app 1/5

    By Foggy gobs

    Went to select 7 day trial .. and it charges me for a full month.. and wait for it ... I can’t even use the premium features. These guys gotta get reported

  • App Services are good but it seems a bit pricey 4/5

    By letusknow

    Just began using the app, trying it out for the one week trail period. It would be nice if the trail period was at least a month. On the positive the app has a built in phone and video feature. Good luck on your love quest.

  • Just wow 1/5

    By Freya McKenna

    I make an account and they delete it every time I make one. FOR NO REASON. They let escorts post profiles that are OBVIOUSLY ESCORTS ANS THERE TO MAKE MONEY but they just repeatedly delete mine when I’m doing nothing wrong.

  • New update forces purchases. 1/5

    By Apple disappoints yet again

    The new update ruined the app. They removed matches which was the only way you can message a person if you don't pay the monthly rate. So anyone who doesn't pay can no longer message people. Simple example of making money over increasing amount of users.

  • Notifications 2/5

    By Kmcaffee

    I liked the old features better - it was much easier to navigate.

  • Got worse 1/5

    By Ryals3123

    The app used to be good, but now I can’t tell when I’ve matched with someone or not. I get notifications that I have but there’s no where to go to see my matches

  • What happened. 2/5

    By laidback_latin

    Used to be that there was a “like” button. Now it’s a favorites button. How are you supposed to know if someone matches with you... oh yeah. I have to pay 29 bucks. Eff that. It seemed like I marched with someone. Since the message icon popped up. I wanted to send them a message but NOPE. App prompted me to sign up. Smh...

  • New app format is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Seth D. in Denver

    You guys have paywalled most everything and when I get a notification and check the app to see what’s up, any kind of notifications list has been removed. Paywall your borderline irrelevant app out out of any kind of relevancy. Way to go.

  • New Update 1/5

    By Solid Snake LP

    The newest update changed it to be from being similar to Tinder to where only paying members can do anything. You can no longer like people and can only chat with people, but you have to pay to be a premium member to chat.

  • New update forces you to pay! Useless now 1/5

    By Jake Rosenthal

    This app used to be great, much better than other dating apps. The only problem is now instead of getting a match and then being able to message them you have to pay $30 a month to message anyone anytime. You cannot even do anything anymore unless you sign up for premium. GET REAL CLOVER, OkCupid and Plenty of Fish already let you do that for free! Very overpriced premium service, bring it down to $10 a month maybe I’ll go for it. Too expensive

  • Time will tell.. 5/5

    By Imapepper07

    So far this app seems better than some others that are very similar.

  • Eh. 2/5

    By The Real Rambi

    It would’ve been a 5 star but sometime recently the app changed so you can no longer message people unless you have a premium account.. :P liked it better when there was just micro transactions..

  • Costs way too much and no real people 1/5

    By P62071

    Try tinder or bumble way better

  • Great app 5/5

    By A-R28

    Very specific and clear,for whatever you ate looking for., i like that very much !! Thumbs up!!

  • Pay to chat now 1/5

    By SomeAdam


  • Bad update 1/5

    By Bobbbbgfardg

    The update claimed it was going to make it easier to connect with people. What really happened is it made the app useless without paying money. Don't waste your time!

  • New update 3/5

    By tysticks

    Please bring back the ability to see who has favorited you made this app special.

  • Useless and overpriced premium 1/5

    By ElectroManiacal

    The app has been updated in March of 2018 and is basically unusable now. The UI design has been getting worse with wasted space, bad layouts, and circular photos. But the most recent changes have made it worthless. You can no longer view your matches or who has liked you. I've been on the app for over a year and I have had almost zero response from any women. Over 90% of the profiles are around 2 years old and haven't been touched for a long time. Only a small handful of profiles are actually active. It's pretty much a ghost town. Of the profiles that are active, none of them respond to likes with a match. They either ignore you or block you. The premium features are not worth the extreme price they are asking for. They are just bleeding desperate people for money. On the plus side, the app doesn't require Facebook like every other dating app out there.