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How to Properly Hook Up Fuel Oil Tanks

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Many people rely on heating oil to warm their homes in the winter. This system requires the storage of liquid fuel in a tank, normally located either beside the home or in the basement. Installing a new tank requires a building permit in most municip[More]

How to Dispose of Old Fuel Oil Tanks

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Every state has its own rules and regulations surrounding the disposal of old fuel tanks -- fuel oil being a common source of heat for U.S. homes. However, in older properties that have been renovated to use electrical and solar-powered heating, fuel[More]

How to Fix a Leaking Fuel Oil Tank Filter

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The oil filter removes any contaminants from the oil before it is pumped through the engine to lubricate the moving parts. Every time the vehicle's oil is changed, the oil filter should be changed as well. Installing the oil tank filter, more commonl[More]

How to Hook Up a Fuel Oil Tank

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Installing a new fuel oil tank has several considerations. Choosing an appropriate location that is both safe and meets local building codes is your first decision. The tank is ideally located outside the home, on the same side as the heating equipme[More]

How to build a smoker from a fuel oil tank

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Smoked food can taste delicious and really spice up your everyday meals. A lot of people simply heat a piece of coal on high for a couple of minutes and then putting it in an open container within a food pot. This is a great trick for smoking meat in[More]

How to Build a Fuel Oil Tank Barbecue

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Barbecue cooks like to make their own smokers. Build a smoker from an old fuel oil tank with welding equipment and expertise -- and ingenuity. Find a tank 4 to 6 feet long and at least 24 inches in diameter. Drain it thoroughly, remove valves and con[More]

How to calculate fuel oil tank capacity

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Calculate the capacity of a heating oil tank before refilling to know the exact amount of fuel you need to purchase. Fuel oil tanks, found in the basements of homes, are cylindrical in shape. The capacity in gallons, or volume, of such a tank depends[More]

How to measure fuel oil tank capacities

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If you've purchased a used boat with a diesel engine, but don't have much in the way of documentation, you'll need to figure a few important things out, including the fuel tank capacity. On boats that use diesel fuel oil, there's usually no fuel gaug[More]

How to remove sludge from a fuel oil tank

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Prolonged storage of oil in a fuel storage tank can lead to the accumulation of sludge at the bottom of the container. Periodic removal of the sludge is important. The sludge contains contaminants that can be hazardous to your health. Sludge also can[More]

How to Move a Fuel Oil Tank

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One of the main reasons to move an oil tank is because it has reached its life expectancy. When an inside or outside oil tank becomes rusted, according to most state regulations you must replace it with a new one. However, you must be careful when mo[More]

How to Drain Air From an Oil Tank Line

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Running an oil tank dry causes a furnace to lose its prime, and as a result you can lose heat in your home. The furnace will not supply heat until all air is removed from the oil line. Oil furnaces are equipped with a way to bleed air from the oil su[More]

How to remove a residential heating oil tank

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Removal of a residential heating oil tank can become necessary for a variety of reasons. Replacing a leaking tank, replacing an old tank that has exceeded its useful service life, or deciding to discontinue using oil as the method of heating a home a[More]

How to cut open a heating oil tank

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Once your furnace oil tank has reached the age of 10 to 15 years, your insurance company will demand that you replace it. Removing the old oil and sludge, considered hazardous material, is difficult work. Cutting open a heating oil tank, either to re[More]

How to Remove Water from Home Oil Tank

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Maintaining your home oil tank is essential to ensure its safe operation. Water can enter the tank by internal condensation or through a leak in the supply or vent lines. If the later is the case, it is important that you have a qualified technician[More]

How to Properly Clean a Tropical Fish Tank

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Tropical fish are some of the most beautiful pets anyone can have. Tanks that are filled with tropical fish are the essence of tranquillity, add character and radiate peace anywhere they are placed. Keeping the fish happy and their beautiful homes fu[More]

How to Make Catalytic Lamp Fuel Oil

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Replacing candles and incense, catalytic lamps are decorative pieces that release aromatic oils into the surrounding environment. Preferred scented oils for catalytic lamps vary immensely from person to person. Knowing how to make your own fragrance[More]

How to Properly Aquascape My 125 Gallon Tank

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A correctly aquascaped 125-gallon marine aquarium is an impressive sight. Aquarists frequently choose aragonite sand as a substrate, because it is attractive and leaches valuable minerals into the aquarium water. Another popular material is live rock[More]

How to drain a home oil tank

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Home oil tanks store the oil used by your oil burner to heat the radiator pipes that circulate heat throughout your home. These tanks can be of various sizes and are usually located in an area such as the backyard or the basement. If you're upgrading[More]

How to Remove Water From Oil Tanks

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Water build-up in your oil tank can be a nightmare as it can lead to several complications. Some of the problems it can lead to are oil fuel pump damage, sludge formation inside of the tank, filter blockage, nozzle clogging, loss of heat, frozen pipe[More]