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Updated: Mar 12, 2013

J. Alan Pipes

▲ (Underside)


J. Alan Pipes . USA . (In circle)

A (inside circle)


Artisan: Jeffrey A. Burt-Gracik (born 1979) began carving pipes in 2004 while he still was student and went full-time pipe maker in 2006.


  • The first number counts back to the first J. Alan pipe made.
  • The 2 digit number indicates the year of manufacture.

i.e. 231 08 = the 231th J. Alan Pipe in existence was crafted in 2008.

No grading except for exceptional pipes which are stamped with a wave.

J. Paul Tucker

▲ J. Paul Tucker, Made in, London. England

Jacky Berrod

▲ (Left side) Jacky Berrod, F, Filter9

▲ (Left side) Jacky Berrod
(Right side) G, Fait Main, St Claude France

Jacky Berrod († 1993) was responsible for production of the Butz Choquin pipes while his brother Jean Paul managed the Berrod-Regad group. Jacky tightly collaborated with Paul Lanier who used to produce the freehand pipes of the group.


▲ (Left side) Jacobean, De Luxe (Right side) 3

According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.Jacobean could be a French label (La Bruyere) or an English one (Masta and/or Josiah Brown). Given the logo on its stem (JB) the English origin of this pipe seems more probable all the more since the model # "3" in the Masta chart tallies quite well with this piece. Jacobean could thus have been crafted by Masta and retailed by Josiah Brown.

Josiah Brown Ltd. (tobacconist) 7 Market Street Nottingham, Nottinghamshire (closed down).



Jesi, Marche

▲Jacono, Hand Made in Italy, Queen

▲ (Underside) Tonino Jacono, Jack

Grading: the Jacono grading system is based on chess pieces.

(Ascending order) Knight, Knight E (rusticated), Bishop, Bishop E (semi-rusticated), Rook, Jack, Queen, Queen E, Queen EE, King, King E (smooth).

Size markings: Checkmate indicates a size larger than usual.

Pipes with the grades Jack, Queen or King may be stamped with a number from 1 to 100. These are the best 100 of all the pipes made in one given year.

Dating: some time in 2011 Tonino Jacono started to stamp the year of manufacture with a 2 digit number (12=2012). The same year a silver logo appeared on the mouthpieces.


▲ Collector, Jameson's, Made in England, 9571

This brand could be a GBD second named after Horace (Ory) Jameson, one of their pipe carver.

Jan Harry

▲ (Underside)

Jan Harry (script)



Artisan: Jan Harry Seiffert


▲ (Left side)


5 - 91

Artisan: J. Andrew Kovacs


▲ (Left side) [logo] Janpipes
(Right side) Hand Cut, VSOP, [N#]

Artisan: Jan Klouček who learn the pipe craft in Saint Claude (France). Brand established in 1999

Grades are the same as for Cognac (ascending): VS, VO, XO and VSOP


▲ JARL Made in Denmark T.V. 1634

▲ JARL Made in Denmark, 714

▲ JARL CHIEFTAN, Made in Denmark, 3136 ▲

Artisan: Jørgen Larsen (maybe...)
See also: Thayne


▲ JCG (In diamond) St Claude

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