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  • I gave you possibilities such as war, world hunger, abortion, the homeless, children's rights, spiritual beliefs, political ideologies, et cetera.

    Chapter 5 (64% in)

  • "A number of you have chosen abortion as your topic," Lemry says toward the end of class, studying a list in her hand.

    Chapter 8 (0% in)

  • I'd be surprised if there weren't people in the room who have had experience with abortion, either directly or through friends.

    Chapter 8 (2% in)

  • "Abortion," Lemry says, pacing the perimeter of the room.

    Chapter 8 (24% in)

  • I know for a fact that Brittain and two others in the room—Sally Eaton and Cynthia Parrish—have picketed the clinic up at Deaconess Hospital where women in this town go for abortions.

    Chapter 8 (26% in)

  • The hard fact about abortion is that it is murder.

    Chapter 8 (30% in)

  • The truth is, potential mothers and people who conspire with potential mothers to allow abortion will pay forever in the afterlife.

    Chapter 8 (33% in)

  • You can't argue the question of abortion without including the laws of God.

    Chapter 8 (34% in)

  • So just let it be understood that your belief says anyone who participates in abortion will be punished in the afterlife and let it go at that.

    Chapter 8 (38% in)

  • "Abortion is not murder," she says.

    Chapter 8 (38% in)

  • "Only among scholars who have a need for abortion to be okay," Sally says.

    Chapter 8 (41% in)

  • Changing abortion law proves that.

    Chapter 8 (56% in)

  • If you choose to have an abortion, you're a killer.

    Chapter 8 (84% in)

  • Then he shouldn't even be in this argument, because he hasn't gone to the one place where the answers about abortion are.

    Chapter 8 (90% in)

  • Certainly I'm for birth control before abortion, but I'll tell you one thing, Brittain, if God kept as close an eye on us as you say he does, and if he felt the need to intervene in daily human problems, he'd put on his steel-toed holy boots and come down here and kick your butt for making him look like a mean-spirited, unforgiving ayatollah.

    Chapter 8 (91% in)

  • We started out talking about abortion, but the discussion quickly drifted to general beliefs.

    Chapter 8 (94% in)

  • Even if they'd had abortions.

    Chapter 8 (97% in)

  • I had an abortion.

    Chapter 9 (69% in)

  • Girls are forever asking me out for a burger so they can tell me about their abortions.

    Chapter 9 (69% in)

  • I've known all along—in fact, since I had the abortion—that Mark and I weren't going to make it.

    Chapter 9 (77% in)

  • Then I didn't want to have the abortion.

    Chapter 9 (79% in)

  • I should have stopped seeing him before the abortion, I really should have.

    Chapter 9 (81% in)

  • When the class is discussing abortion, I can't sit back with no real opinion if I have a girlfriend who's had one.

    Chapter 9 (99% in)

  • Before I knew it I was talking about the abortion.

    Chapter 11 (31% in)

  • I also cried because you told me she had an abortion and there've been so many times in my life I wished that's what I had been.

    Chapter 11 (82% in)

  • We're into the last installment of the abortion issue—Lemry gave it a few weeks' enforced rest to let people calm down—and Mark Brittain is well into the same old happy horseshit he uses to scold the world.

    Chapter 13 (36% in)

  • I asked him about the church's stand on abortion, and he told me that what he had to say to the world was more important than one error in judgment.

    Chapter 13 (92% in)

  • I had the abortion.

    Chapter 13 (95% in)

  • I had to cross lines I'd marched in to have an abortion alone.

    Chapter 13 (96% in)

  • Sally Eaton, the girl who pickets the abortion clinicat Deaconess regularly and who thinks Mark Brittain is the cleverest thing since remote control, raised her hand.

    Chapter 14 (32% in)

  • Brittain did what he did at the abortion clinic, and trying to take himself out on drugs doesn't buy him any sympathy from me in that regard.

    Chapter 14 (55% in)

  • About the abortion and all.

    Chapter 17 (21% in)

  • How do I say I sent Jody to get an abortion by herself when I knew how scared and confused she was?

    Chapter 18 (21% in)

  • Jody got an abortion just like she said.

    Chapter 19 (19% in)

  • I was too scared to face what I'd done and too ready to protect myself, so I let her go up to the clinic alone and get an abortion alone and go home alone.

    Chapter 19 (20% in)

  • On one of Jody's good days, I couldn't have done that, but after her abortion she didn't have any good days.

    Chapter 19 (21% in)

  • I don't know what this does to my feelings about abortion or about God or about myself, but I'm going to find out.

    Chapter 19 (23% in)

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