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Simgirls 7.0 Walkthrough

Okay. Apparently ppl who have Simgirls v7.0 still
have a difficult time getting all the items, scenes, hentai, etc. While looking
at these poor newbs; it just boggles my mind. Simgirls is quite easy for me.
Sure my first run or two were not perfect, and one small mistake will ruin my
chance of getting the hard endings. Nevertheless, it's time that I school some
of you newbs in improving your skills in the game, so that you can get the hard
endings, and the hentai scenes.

This brief walkthrough will show the steps need to
get either the Super Playboy Ending the Goddess Ending (aka Sana's Ending). Basically, I will show
you how you can achieve the goals needed to unlock either ending in one single
playthrough. In addition, I will show you how to get all the bonus scenes with
Akira, the side story with Tomoko and Kotomi, the Time Machine, the Drama club,
the Model competition, the scenes in the Monitor room, the Trading Cards, the
Black Stones, etc.

Let’s do this!

Day 0 (Select your style)

It is quite possible to do well in this walkthrough
with any style you choose. But for this run, we will go with “Playful”, as it a
sure way to raise Charm quickly.

Setup whatever value that you want for “DNA
Manipulation”. It doesn’t matter much. But if you really want a headstart on
Charm, put all the points into that.


For the weekdays, do nothing else but raise the
Charm and look for the Black Stones. The Charm must be at least 200 in order to
unlock Tomoko’s Birthday scene on the 17th day, a mandatory scene
for the hard endings, as the scene raises her Hentai level significantly. There
are 6 stones that you can find. I’ll tell you how to get the others later.

Tip: Searching for the Black Stones serves another
purpose, other than getting the Goddess ending. There is a chance of finding 3
valuables when searching for the stones: “Heaven Grad Ginseng Roots”,
“Matsutate Mushrooms”, and “Golden Plums”. You will find the Ginseng in the
Mountains (upper left Binoculars on the main Town Map), the Mushrooms in the
woods (upper right binoculars on the map), and the Plums on the beach (lower
left binoculars on the map). Any one of these item can be sold at the
Restaurant. The value of each of them changes, depending on the day, but the
general value of each increases as the game progresses. In other words, when
you find these items, sell them. If you can, hold on to some items, and wait
until the value is higher. But over all, you can make some serious money by
finding and selling these items; money that will be helpful throughout the

Day 6, you don’t have to go directly to the
Drama club. We can skip that for a few weeks, without any serious harm. You
should have 200 Charm by now, so either search for those stones (and sell any
items found), or work at the Convention Center (with the 200 Charm, easy $450).

Day 7, Pick Tomoko for the KOF cosplay event.
She will be our main focus for the next week or two.

You should be able to buy 20 coffee cans, the
starter item for the Time Machine. Buy the cans, then go to Ami’s to work on
the machine. Use the rest of your energy looking for the stones.

Day 8-10: Buy some chocolate and flowers (at least 3
each). Time to chat it up with Tomoko.

If you picked her for the cosplay contest the other
day, you will have enough experience with her to “Ask” for her name, making her
your New Friend. Give her chocolate. Give her flowers. Become her Close Friend.
Don’t forget to visit the front gate, and pool, and the roof, of the school, to
get hentai points for Tomoko (pick the naughty option, not the nice ones). Any
spare time you have, either earn $2000 or raise your Strength or Intelligence. You
will need them very soon.

Don’t forget to pick the naughty option for Karin
also, once Day 10 hits.

Tip: Take note of Tomoko’s birthday, phone number,
and everything else she likes. This version of Simgirls uses a randomizer
system for the girls’ (Tomoko and Kotomi) info . Meaning that what they like in
one playthough will probably NOT be what they like in another. You will have to
“ask” the girls in each playthough, in order to find out what are their likes
in that playthrough. Don’t be lazy!

Day 11-12: Work on raising your Strength and Intelligence.
I’d say that raising strength to at least 80 or more is good for now.
Intelligence, to 60, at least.

Any spare time left, work on getting Kotomi as your
close friend.

Don’t forget to take care of Karin. I believe that
here Energy and Hygiene can go as low as 70% each, before her health is
affected. I do advise that you don’t let her Heath go down, as medicine is more
expensive than the coffee and handkerchiefs. And if her Health drops to the
point that she is nearly dead, kiss that Mega Playboy Ending goodbye!

Day 13: Make money, preferably through finding and
selling those items from the stone hunts.

Day 14: For the Car Show, be nice to all the girls,
but pick Kotomi. Tomoko will be okay for a while, so you need to work on making
Kotomi your girlfriend.

Buy 20 handkerchiefs and work with Ami.

Go Stone hunting.

Day 15-16: Double check to be sure that your Charm
is at 200, and that you have at least $2000.

Get Kotomi to Close Friend.

Make sure to “Ask” her stuff, and note them down
somewhere. Remember to visit The Library and the Medical room after she is your
Close Friend, in order to raise her hentai points.

Day 17-18: Follow Tomoko. Pay her. Enjoy. (Yay you!)

Get your Intelligence up to 60, at least (just to be

Start Dating Kotomi.

Day 19: Study with Ami.

Make sure that your Intelligence is over 100.

With what energy and money you have left, either
date Kotomi or go stone hunting.

Day 20: If you had over 100 in Intelegence, you will
get an A on the exam (and money!!!).

Go to the Drama club, just for formality.

Go stone hunting.

Day 21: Be nice to the girls

If it won’t break the bank, buy 20 flowers, and work
with Ami.

Any time left over, go stone hunting. (seeing a
theme here?)

Day 22-23: Date Kotomi. Get her as your Girlfriend.
Note the day of your first kiss.

Do take her to the park and movies at least once, in
order to get the special items.

Once Kotomi is your girlfriend, go to the gym to
raise her hentai level.

Day 24-26: Raise your Intelligence to at least 125.

Ask Kotomi stuff, as she will reveal more info that
will be helpful for the dates to blue mountain and the beach.

If there is time date Kotomi, to get those last

Once you have the magazines, go see Sana at Simman’s
place. Enjoy the extra stock up.

Day 27: Go to the Drama Club.

Go to the changing room afterward, to start the
sidestory (and get 600 points for Tomoko.

Any energy left, go stone hunting

Day 28: Underwear Day: Depending on your money, you
might want to give Ami little or no money (sorry, Ami). To raise relationship
status for the other girls, it might be worth it to give them plenty of money,
but I’ll leave it to you on that choice.

Go to Ami’s, if you have 10 medicines.

Go stone hunting

Day 29: “Ask” Tomoko stuff.

Depending on money, either date Tomoko or go stone
hunting (or make some money)

Day 30: Date Tomoko. Take her to the movies Get her
to Girlfriend status.

Don’t forget to visit the front gate of the school
to increase her hentai level.

Day 31: Make some extra money and/or go stone

(By this time, I have found all six Black Stone.
Depending on the randomization of the game, you might not have yet, but yout
still should have most of them by now).

Day 32-33: Date Tomoko, Take her to the beach and
Blue Mountain.

Day 34: Go to the Drama Club.

Do what you can to make money

Day 35: Get those panties!

Increase strength

Day 36-38: increase strength. Try to get at least

Depending on your skills in fighting, you might be
able to defeat the Blooding King. I can give him that shoryuken two to three
times at 190, and he’s out. If you can’t, just block and hit him with the
hadoken as many times s needed. You should have plenty of coffee and medicine
to help you survive.

Go to Akira. Give her the necklace.

If any time left, date Tomoko. Like with Kotomi, you
have to take her to each dating spot at least once.

Day 39-40 Date Tomoko, and maybe increasing you
strength a bit more.

Make money when needed.

Tip: Once you have dated Tomoko her at each spot at
least once, see Sana.

Day 41: Go to the pool. Pwn Ryjuui to win the Cup!

You will be at Lover status with her know, which
mean you not only have the Spycam, but access to the backroom at Simman’s
place. Clicking on the screen in the center of the backroom will show you list
of scenes that you can unlock, provided that you follow the instructions on how
to unlock them EXACTLY!

Important Tip: If you are going for the Goddess
Ending, you need to see the dealer (forgot his name) at Goldstar City after
Sana is your Lover. The trick here is to not freak out at some of the prices at
first. Be patient, sell a stone or too when the price is high, and buy stones
when the price is low. Basic economics. If you do that, you should have all 12
stones (and some very good money) in order to get the Goddess Ending. Even if
you are going for the Mega Playboy Ending, you can sell the stones to get the
$300,000 needed for that ending, just in case you messed up on the model

Do what you want with the rest of the time (although
getting extra money never hurts)

Day 42: Game show: Pick either Kotomi or Tomoko. We
need to make them lovers eventually. But if you want another naughty scene,
pick Tomoko.

Day 43: You should have taken Tomoko to each dating
spot already. If not, take her to those spots. If you have, work on increasing
Kotomi’s points a bit, be it buying her gifts or dating her.

Don’t forget to go back to Akira and get the
necklace. Then ask Kari about her background (provided that you didn’t let her
die due to negligence). Now she is your Maid. Make sure to make her you
Playmate before day 63. If possible, make her your playmate before Day 50, so
that you have access to more hentai scenes then.

Day 44-46: Make Kotomi your Lover.

Any time left, gain more points with Tomoko, maybe
even make her your Lover.

Day 47: Study with Ami, if you don’t have 200 in

Spend the rest of the time either working on the
other stats, or making money.

Day 48: Go to the Drama Club

If Tomoko and Kotomi are your Lovers, go to the
school’s west wing.

Go to Akira’s to place the Spycam

Make money.

Tip: If you have at least $15, 000 (recommended, but
not required), you can start the modeling business here. While you technically
could start this earlier, this is my preferred starting point for focusing on
the modeling, as almost all my time and funds can now be devoted to improving
my models’ stats, without having to worry about dates, stone hunting, and stuff.

Day 49: If you have the funds, buy 5 diamonds, and
see Ami. If you don’t have it, make more money then.

“Greed is good”

Day 50: Enjoy whatever scene you choose.

Day 51-54: Make money.

Work on the modeling business. Focus on getting
Tomoko’s # of fans to over 16,000. It’s possible.

Day 55: If you have the funds (again, not too hard,
if you’ve been patient and wise with the Black Stone selling/buying method),
buy the shares at the Café. It doesn’t hurt to get a head start on that

 If both
Kotomi and Tomoko are your lovers, go to the school’s west wing.

Go to Akira’s to get back the Spycam

Either work on the Café mingame or at the modeling


56: Finish up the Time Machine with Ami. If you
already gave her the 5 diamonds last week, give her 10 teddy bears.

Day 57-61- Work at the Modeling busness.

Day 62- Go to the school medical room to get another
scene from the Tomoko/Kotomi side story. This is the last day that you can buy
the stocks to the Café. If you buy it on this day, save the game, and spend the
rest of the day getting a perfect run through the café minigame, or else you
can forget about getting the cards, as well as the Goddess ending.

Day 63: Kiss Tomoko. 
Go look for Karin.

Selecting those options will raise the hentai point
for BOTH Tomoko and Karin. And it’s the ONLY way to get Karin as your Lover.
Don’t forget to be naughty with Karin.

Day 64-67

Depending on your financial standing and the status
of you models, you can either work at the modeling busness, or finish up maxing
your stats, starting with Intelligence.

Also, if you’ve been slacking on the buy/selling
stones, you better catch up, or forget about the Goddess ending (Remember, you
need at least 12 Stones).

Day 68: Go to the Café to get a new Trading Card.

Remember, you MUST go to the café every Friday until
day 96 to get the cards (provided that you reach the desired Stock value. Click
on Sana in the Café for more details.). You CANNOT miss going to the café on Friday,
if you do, you WON’T get the card for that week. There is no room for messing
up here. If you don’t get all six Trading Cards, you can’t get the Wings and
Horn from Ryuuji, and you won’t get the Goddess Ending.

Day 69: Go to the Drama Club (I hope, for you, that
all the girls are at Lover Status.)

Just like with the Café, you CAN’T mess up here. You
MUST go to the Drama Club every Saturday until Day 90. If you miss just one
Saturday, you won’t be able to max the girls’ hentai points, and you won’t get
the Mega Playboy ending.)

Focus on the Café minigame

Day 70: Enjoy the Tomoko scene you picked (assuming
that you got her fanbase up to 16000)

Café minigame

Day 71-74

Max out your Intelligence, and (if you are going for
the Mega Playboy ending), youy Charm and Strength.

Any time left over, make money whichever way you
like (preferably through the modeling business to prep the girls for the
contest on Day 98, if desired)

Day 75: Study with Ami.

If you are short by 20 points to maxing your intelligence
at this point (which you shouldn’t), stay with Kotomi. If not, go see Tomoko
(for another scene)

Go to the Café.

Day 76: If your Intelligence is maxed out (at 300),
you will aced this test, and enjoy the Akira scene.

Go to the Drama Club afterward (hope you haveat
least $25000 when you go).

Café minigame after that.

Day 77: Pick whoever you like.

Café minigame. If you manage to get $3000 in sales,
you are set. You won’t have to play the minigame anymore to get the cards. Just
remember to pickup the cards from the Café every Friday until Day 96, and you’re
good as gold.

Day 78-81

Max out your stats, if you haven’t already and are going
for the Mega Playboy Ending.

Make money. Get those 12 stones (for the Goddess

Day 82: Go to the Café (as if I have to remind you)

Day 83: Go to the Drama Club.

Day 84-86: Focus on the modeling, or do whatever you

Day 87: Give Spycam to Junta (at school)

Day 88: Do whatever

Day 89: Go to the Café

Day 90: Go to the Drama Club. Enjoy.

Day 91-95: Do whatever.

Day 96: Go to the café.

Go to Ryuuji’s Mansion, and get the Horns and Wings.

Day 97: Do whatever

Day 98: Hopefully, you got a model who has maxed
fans and stats, because Akira is a tough one. Personally, I do well with all
except Karin, but others may say she is best. Regardless, if you want to get a
bonus scene, enter the contest and beat Akira. You will also get $250,000 (as
if you need it, at this point).

Day 99-100. Last days. Do whatever.

Day 101: Pick whichever ending that you desire.


I hope this walkthrough was helpful. Feel free to
add other tips, comments, and things of that nature.