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Sunday nights are set to get a bit of warmth and sunshine on ITV as we travel back to Southern India for The Good Karma Hospital.

A second series of the popular drama is due to hit screens soon, giving us a chance to catch up with the staff and patients of the medical centre.

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Find out more about when the programme will be back, who is starring in it, and what will happen next.

When will The Good Karma Hospital return?

We’re still waiting to hear what the air date is for the second series of the drama, but we do know that we can expect it sometime in early spring 2018.

Cast and crew returned to Sri Lanka, where the show is shot, for filming in August 2017, so the episodes should be ready to go – we’re just waiting for them to arrive in the schedules.

Who will star in The Good Karma Hospital?

Amanda Redman is back as the programme’s star Dr Lydia Fonseca, the eccentric Englishwoman who runs the Good Karma Hospital. She is known for her roles in New Tricks and At Home with the Braithwaites.

Amrita Acharia will also return as junior doctor Ruby Walker who arrived in India to leave behind her heartbreak at home. Amrita also starred in TV series Acquitted and Game of Thrones.

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Neil Morrissey plays Greg McConnell, Lydia’s on-off boyfriend who runs a local bar. Neil is best known for his roles in Men Behaving Badly, Waterloo Road, and Line of Duty.

The rest of the cast includes Dream Team’s James Floyd as Dr Gabriel Varma, Darshan Jariwalla (Sense8) as Dr Ram Nair, Sagar Radia as AJ Nair, and Nimmi Harasgama as Marie Rodriguez.

What can we expect to happen in series two?

With the main cast all returning for the new series, it seems that we’ll be catching up with how their lives and careers are developing at the hospital.

Ruby ended the last series convinced that India had become home, after sending her ex back to England without her.

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Gabriel was delighted at Ruby’s decision to stay, so we could see the spark between them blossoming this series.

Love was in the air for Lydia and Greg too at the end of series one, when they decided to give their relationship a proper go – but will it have been happily ever after for them?

We’re also sure to see plenty of new medical cases arriving at the hospital to keep the doctors busy.

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