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Magnetic Messaging Review

Magnetic Messaging: are you looking for a dating manual for beginners who want to learn a more playful and attractive way to text women? That which can cover a wide range of scenarios that you may be confronted with at some point? Are you at the stage where you are getting phone numbers but girls are not returning your texts or you are not able to get many dates?

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Magnetic Messaging is essentially a beginners guide that covers all things texting and phone-related. With most women practically having a cell phone super-glued to their hand these days, texting has become a critically important aspect of dating. This guide is authored by Bobby Reo, who is a dating coach and Rob Judge who has experience in phone games testing.

What To Learn From It?

This magnetic messaging book gives you the tools and mindsets that are needed to effectively communicate with women via text so that they will be excited to meet you. It covers various situations; including girls you have not had a date with yet, those you have been out with a couple of times and girls you are already in a relationship with. Magnetic Messaging contains easy to implement concepts and the techniques, word-for-word examples that help you instantly stand out, get her attention, arouse her sexually, and get her excited about going out with you.

Magnetic Messaging is based on a scientifically proven concept that attraction is not a choice but can be created with consistent results. It should be understood that women think and feel differently than men, and attraction in many cases has nothing to do with how one looks or how much money one makes. This may shatter your reality but yes, all of that is completely irrelevant. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge have developed a new concept called “The Key Lock Sequence”. Basically, all it takes is three texts to separate you from all the other persons in a girl’s phone book. These three texts are more than enough to actually excite her imagination and to awaken her sexuality.

It should be acknowledged that “phone game” is nowadays an integral part of the seduction process and therefore is definitely not something that one can afford to neglect if one wishes to have more women in their life according to magnetic messaging. Simply put, seduction nowadays consists of: meeting, text games and the date.

Many men struggle with this part of their game but Magnetic Messaging, has listed all the necessary steps to play this phone game. If this is one of your strong points this guides provides you the process of entire seduction from the first text, up until the girl that you are seducing invites you to her place for drinks. Magnetic Messaging teaches you how to make contact with a girl, how to become interesting, how to spark emotions, discover emerging patterns, handle all the logistics, integrate exiting humor into the messages, create sexual attraction and make your inbox filled with new messages on a daily basis.

Why Is It Unique?

Magnetic Messaging is very unique because of its techniques and the way of its execution. The guide teaches you the method of crafting powerful text messages, but does not encourage the use of messaging ‘templates’ that might sound similar. Once you have learned the techniques, you need to customize the texts so that it is not common. Most women are wary of generic pick-up lines that anyone can copy from the Internet.

Mentioned in the guide are the principles of the phone and text game that are listed: How to use the Key-Lock sequence to get a date; How much to text and when; Steps to be taken if she doesn’t respond; Numerous ways to follow-up after a date; Ways to text a girl that you have been sleeping with; The art of telling lies
How to begin sexting; How to get her to send naked pictures.

Although Magnetic Messaging seems to be just about the ways and means on how to use texts to get a date from a girl, but in reality, the entire eBook is about the principles of “attractive communication.” Attractive communication is the art of using language in a way which effectively draws women to communicate. You can use this knowledge and for other aspects of dating – such as when meeting girls for the first time, flirting, or dirty talk.

Magnetic Messaging Conclusion

Many people do not even think about text messaging as part of the dating game; nevertheless take full advantage of it. At the very least, Magnetic Messaging will make you think about the power of text messaging. Consider that phone calls are going out of fashion; they are awkward and often distracted when talking to women. Texts can be used effectively to get around the problematic nature of phone calls and set up dates quickly. Want to get and keep a date? Try Magnetic Messaging today.

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