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Do you want to know about Zoey Deutch and who she is dating? This complete dating profile will shed light on her current as well as all the past relationships.

Zoey Deutch Biography

Zoey Deutch is an American actress born on 10 November 1994. Her full name is Zoey Francis Thompson Deutch. She has been famous for her performance as Rose in Vampire Academy, Samantha in Before I fall and as Stephanie in Why Him?

Zoey was born in Los Angeles, California. Born to Lea Thompson and Howard Deutch, the actress had been blessed with skills in the arts. Her mother was an actress by profession, whereas her father was a director. Her younger sibling Madelyn Deutch is also an actress.

Zoey follows the Jewish religion. She accepted the religion after the Bat Mitzvah ceremony. The actress has taken her education from the Oakwood School in Los Angeles. The actress went ahead to Los Angeles County High School. Further, she moved ahead to pursue double majors in theater and visual arts from the L.A County High School.

Career in Hollywood

She first started her career at the age of 15 with Disney Channel in the year 2010. Next, she appeared as Andrew’s rebellious daughter in the series Ringer. Currently, she is famous for her role in the movie Vampire Academy. She participated in Women’s March in the year 2017.

On the social aspects, Deutch works with for their give water campaign. For the benefit of Alzheimer’s Association, she performed with her mother and sister. She has also appeared on the cover Allure’s December 2016 issue.

Zoey Deutch is a famous name in Hollywood. She has been recently in news after her break-up with the Avian Jogia in 2017. The actress is well known for her work in films Before I fall, Everybody Wants Some! Vincent N Roxy and Good Kids.

Zoey Deutch Boyfriend

She is not seeing anyone currently. She has currently called off her five-year-old relationship with Avan Jogia.
At present there is no news about her dating someone, so we can assume that after calling off with Avan, she might stay single for sometime.

Past Relationships and Ex Boyfriend

Avan Jogia:

Zoey Deutch and Avan Jogia have been recently in the news in 2017 because of their break-up. The couple had been together for five years, which is believed to be a long time in the Hollywood industry. The couple started their journey in the year 2012 when they attended the Kid’s Choice Awards together. The couple first started their journey on the show Twisted. While the actors worked separately in their careers. The couple kept the spark alive by spending time together and posting their images on social media.

The couple has been spotted a number of times displaying their love at a number of events. Once Turn down for What was at the club and the couple couldn’t resist the music. As they were dancing, the couple bumped into each other at Lil John song and it was love at first sight. They were also spotted together at the Broadway at the NYC. They ran into the Broadway show and there was an instant connection between the two.

These are a just a few instances of their admiration and love. The actor Avan Jogia has been also heard quoting I have been lucky but it’s mainly because of the choice. If you look for public attention to your relationship, then you are asking them to pry out of it. It would be irrelevant to ignore your other half in public. The best is to find a line between both of you. Whereas, Zoey has been quoted saying she needs to come over the entire episode. She was lucky enough to be together with Avan.

Danila Kozlovsky:

Sparks flew between the Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky and Zoey Deutch were in a relationship with each other. The relationship began in october 2013 and did not last for a very long time.

After the break-up, the couple was seen in the Vampire Academy together. Though the relationship between the two did not last very long but, they have been still seen together hanging around as friends.

Rumored Relationship of Zoey Deutch

Josh Hutcherson:

Zoey has been rumored to be in a relationship with Josh Hutcherson. Though the couple never came out in the open about their relationship, but there always had been sparks relating to their alleged love affair. It is believed that Josh and Zoey dated in 2012. They got serious about getting this relationship ahead. Josh and Zoey spent their New Year holiday at Whistler, trying out some adventure sports before going back to Los Angeles.

But, as soon as they came back from the holiday, the couple called it quits and they were not seen together. Before this relationship, it is believed that Avan and Josh were good friends and made a number of public appearances together. Dating all the way back to 2008, they were good friends. Just a year later, Zoey started dating Avian, which created a rift between the friends. The friendship between Avian and Josh has never been same again.

Zoey Deutch Dating History

  • Avan Jogia: The couple dated for five years before breaking up in 2017.
  • Danila Kozlovsky: Zoey dated him in 2013 but not for a long time.
  • Josh Hutcherson: It was rumored that Zoey dated him in 2012 but it was never confirmed.