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Feminists beware.

Kellyanne Conway came out swinging after being criticized for saying she was reluctant to take a position in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration because being a mother is her number one priority.

The 49 year-old former Trump campaign manager delivered a blistering assessment of her critics, calling out the “childless interns” and crazy cat ladies in a mic-dropping comment on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. on Friday.

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“I thought that women were products of their choices, and that’s what I’m trying to do here quietly and privately find the best balance for my family,” she told host Stuart Varney.  “Maybe I will go into the administration because Donald Trump and my husband are very supportive of that choice as well.”

MIC DROP — Kellyanne SHREDS Crazy Cat Ladies Attacking Her For Being A Mother [VIDEO] via @dailycaller

— Kellyanne Conway (@KellyannePolls) December 16, 2016

The Senior Advisor for the Trump Transition Team and the first woman to ever run a successful Republican presidential campaign said her boss has “never been anything but gracious and gentlemanly to me and respectful to the fact that I am a mom to young children. He actually thinks it’s pretty cool.”

Conway, who has four children ages 12 and younger, believes the attacks are politically motivated.

“The issue is just a very personal one, but I can’t help but feel that people are judging my politics and not my motherhood,” she said.

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“I would just note to you that some people who have attacked me are moms, but a lot of women who have attacked me are either childless interns born in the 1990s or 2000s, or I’ve noticed women who have cats as their Twitter pictures,” Conway added. “I’m not going to lose my mind over people attacking me in 140 characters. I’ll assure you that.”

Varney wisely noted with a laugh, “Kellyanne, I never want to cross you because I will be shredded.”

Some Twitter users did take issue with the cat picture comment, though with a sense of humor.

@KellyannePolls@DailyCaller My cat picture is okay right?! #MAGA 🇺🇸

— CG (@goodale18) December 16, 2016

@KellyannePolls@DailyCaller HA HA HA I have a cat for Twitter pic. He’s a lot cuter than me. Lots of sane cat ladies out there too. #MAGA

— B Hanson (@SCPioneer) December 16, 2016

@KellyannePolls@DailyCaller I’m a crazy cat lady, but I also put my kids first always, even though it hasn’t helped my income,kids need mom

— Amy Bergerac (@AmyBergerac) December 16, 2016

— VCBoston (@vcboston) December 16, 2016

But many erupted in praise on Twitter, blasting the mom-shamers who have been slinging attacks at Conway who, it seems, can really take care of herself.

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@KellyannePolls@DailyCaller OUTSTANDING REPLY. You are a mother, a wife, and professional successful business woman. That takes devotion.

— Caesar Rondina (@CaesarRondina) December 16, 2016

@KellyannePolls@DailyCaller Yeaaa go Kelly Go! We love you superwoman! MAGA

— John Leksander (@BigJBeezy) December 16, 2016

@KellyannePolls@DailyCaller Get em Kellyanne!

— DDeBurgen (@DDeBurgen) December 16, 2016

@KellyannePolls@DailyCaller Love your classy way of dealing w these jealous haters who have yet to grown up! You work hard n deserve it!

— Jus Me (@JusRnE) December 16, 2016

@KellyannePolls@DailyCaller We LOVE and support you Kellyanne~ you’re THIS crazy Cat Lady’s hero & inspiration👍🌟👆

— VCBoston (@vcboston) December 16, 2016

@KellyannePolls@DailyCaller Kellyanne has nerves of steel to deal with these wackos!

— Michael Nagle (@Anteitam1862) December 16, 2016

@KellyannePolls@DailyCaller 😹 Well this crazy cat lady thinks Kellyanne is terrific! Her kids are lucky to have a great role-model too!

— aintnobarbie (@aintnobarbie) December 16, 2016

@KellyannePolls@DailyCaller this is why Kellyanne rocks, she doesn’t have to curse rant or scream at her opponents, she calmly dissects em

— tripleLLL (@Wellman_nateW) December 16, 2016