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Why Dominican Women Make the Best Wives

            Although I am not knocking the single life, I’ve come to appreciate the blessings of being married by way of many of my friends. A good percentage of my friends are married to Dominican women and I feel almost envious, especially around lunchtime.  As I bring out my piece of bread and maybe if I’m lucky, bread with meat in between, I see my married friends reveal Tupperware canisters filled with a pound of rice, beans and chicken or beef.  The food looks like it was prepared with love and it looks delicious.  You know what they say, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and Dominican women certainly put this proverb in practice.

I’ve been able to sit down with my married friends and I’ve asked them why are they attracted to Dominican women and what are the benefits of being married to one. According to them, first and foremost, Dominican women are hard workers and very diligent.  From a young age they are groomed to take care of a household, taught how to wash clothes, keep a house organized and clean, how to cook and have sufficient amount of food so that everyone is full and satisfied.  Second reason, is that Dominican women are very humble and submissive to their husbands. This can contribute to a more tranquil marriage; the husband just needs to be very loving, patient, understanding and tender with his wife.  A nice thing to do is to assist your wife with housework if you can.  Even though, she might feel it’s her responsibility she will appreciate the effort that you’re making to make her job easier.  This will also lead to loyalty in the marriage.

Another factor and probably the main reason a lot of men seek out Dominican women for marriage mates is their undisputed beauty.  It really comes down to your preferences but the truth be told, on the beauty scales, the Dominican Republic is always in the top five somewhere alongside Brazil.  That means that this country is FAMOUS for its beautiful women with their dynamite bodies and great faces to go along with it.

Women in the Dominican Republic are always on the lookout for good men that are going to give them better lives.  Here in the country, the local men are infamous and aren’t at the top of the women’s list for marriage material.  Their eyes open wide in the presence of a foreigner and will make it easier to get to know somebody on a personal level. One thing to be aware of  however, is the Sanky Panky Connotation.  Now, I have just invented this expression and it refers to a woman that’s simply looking for monetary gain for this ‘marriage’.  I’ve actually been proposed to by a few girls to marry her in theDominican Republic so that I can get her a visa to take her to the states and once we’re in the states get divorced.  It’s not a relationship based on love but just for benefit.

Just keep all of these tips in mind and in no time you will find your soul mate!

Happy hunting, friends!



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