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I have a hard time believing that any celebrity would willingly try Scientology after all we’ve learned about it, if only to protect their bottom line. Demi Moore strikes me as the kind of person who would though, given how fragile and gullible she seems at times. She was heavily involved in Kabbalah, another cult which is arguably less harmful to practitioners emotionally but similarly a scam, and this is the other “celebrity” cult, although the number of celebrities involved is rapidly dwindling, thanks to people who have spoken out about it like Jason Beghe and Leah Remini. According to the National Enquirer, Demi is dabbling in Scientology following a now-over relationship with a young Scientologist, a guy named Sean Friday, who was born into the cult. (Sean and Demi dated for over year and he was 28 the last time we reported on their relationship, in early 2015.) Demi’s mom was also a Scientologist so she’s familiar with it.

Sources say disillusioned Demi has kicked Kabbalah to the curb and signed up for the controversial cult – despite the poor press…

“Her mom was a Scientologist and Demi used to go to Scientology meetings,” a source spilled.

“But when she hooked up with Bruce Willis, he banned her from going further.”

Still, after dating Sean Friday, the son of high-ranking church members, in 2016, Demi’s interest was reignited. And although the spark… fizzled, he still coaches her on the finer points of the so-called faith.

“She knows her support of Scientology will be a huge coup for the religion, so she’s only making very discreet inquiries at the moment,” snitched the source. “But she feels there’s something missing in her life.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 9, 2017]

There are the kind of people who are always searching for spiritual answers and the next “thing” that will help them structure their lives. Religions and cults offer that type of structure, which can sometimes be smothering and restrictive. I know I’ve searched for answers and have come down on the side of science and concrete evidence, but everyone is different. People can believe whatever they want and that’s what our country is founded on. Cults are different though, they commit human rights abuses, discourage if not ban questioning and free thought, and demand member’s time and total dedication. When so many ex-Scientologists speak out and say that it’s harmful, that they lost their savings and were estranged from friends and family, how oblivious do you have to be to get involved? Do you just believe everything that Scientology says, that those people are bitter ex-parishioners, in exchange for a whole new set of friends and rules for your life? I guess the lack of freedom and free thought is insidious and sneaks up on you, like an abusive partner who seems perfect at first. Plus I think it’s different for celebrities, they get the star treatment, they get an entire staff of people to do their bidding for free, and Scientology has luxury compounds where bigwigs can stay. You know that if this true Demi is getting more attention and perks than she’s had in some time.

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