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Plumping Helena

This is probably best thought of as interactive plump furry art. I've combined a freeware game called Virtual Feeder by Kronoman with some quick catgirl sketches and a pile of script. So now you can have your own catgirl to chat to and plump or fatten up as you wish.


Q. Is this a force feeding game?
A. No, it is not. Helena does not like being force fed. It is not something I am into.
Q. What do I need?
A. You need a PC. I'd rather it was multi-platform, but I didn't write the engine. You will also need to download these files:
  1. Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime: Click on this link to download from Microsoft if you don't already have it.
  2. Virtual Feeder 1.1.5: Click on this link to download. Kronoman is happy for the game to be shared here.
  3. Plumping Helena: Click on the link to download.
  4. Original feedees: Click on the link to download if you want the original set. Unpack into the game directory.

The complete set of virtual feeder files including the game, original feedees, documentation, and tutorial for creating new characters can be downloaded from MediaFire: Virtual Feeder

Q. How do I install?
A. Install the visual basic runtime first. Then install the game. Next create a folder called "Feedee" inside the game's main folder. Then unzip the "helena" archive using your preferred archive program (usual suspects are: winzip, winrar, jar, gunzip, or windows explorer these days). Keep the folder hierarchy, and put the contents in the "Feedee" directory.
Q. How do I get started?
A. Like this:
  1. First, start the game. If you run into trouble at this stage, its probably down to the Visual Basic runtime mentioned earlier. Get and install that too.
  2. On the main toolbar click on Game -> New Game. This gets you a dialog box where you can navigate to the folder by double-clicking the folder tree. Then click on the file to select it and press the OK button. and then
  3. Next you need to choose your skill level. This is the only dialog that works at this stage. Then read Helena's history. Again this is the only dialog that works at this stage. Read the other tabs if you wish then close it.
  4. Now you can chat with Helena and find out what she wants. If you want to feed her then click on one of the items in the Food List and drag it over her image. If she wants to sleep click on the Start New Day button. The various status windows let you know how she is getting on, and update after eating or sleeping.
Q. Is it spoogy?
A. Not very. At least, not unless you want it to be. Don't go and install it at work though!

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