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Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are getting candid about their relationship.

In the latest issue ofGQ, the hip-hop duo sit down for a joint interview and their first-ever magazine photo shoot as a couple. Opening about their whirlwind romance, Minaj, 32, explains how she fell for Mill, 28, when he was in jail and just what she thinks of his beef with her BFF, Drake.

“I definitely think we have a normal relationship off-camera. We’re like any other couple in the hood. We’re growing as a couple and as people and as human beings, but we still have our careers,” Minaj begins. “And I think probably the only thing that makes it un-normal is that we’re both successful artists, and that’s probably not normal. But other than that, our feelings are very normal.”

“We liked each other. We were into each other,” Mills adds. “Once we learned how to understand each other, it was curtain closed. Everything was a go.”

According to the couple, they were “friends for a very long time” before even entertaining the idea of a relationship. When Minaj, who just broke up with Safaree Samuelsat the time, heard that Mill was heading to jail for violating his parole, she reached out to let him know she’s “praying for him to come home.”

Apparently, one thing led to another and she ended up falling for him while he was still behind bars.

“I reached out to him letting him know…It’s so funny that the day he went to jail, he was on my mind the day before,” Minaj tells the magazine. “I remember sitting on my balcony at my house and just being on the phone with him until it started getting dark outside. And I was just like, ‘yo, I’m in trouble.’ I just knew that first day. It was that long conversation. I was like uh-oh.”

“We just spent so much time talking that I had such a strong mental connection. It was insane. We got so close,” she adds.

The couple, who’ve since toured together and starred in their very own music video for “All Eyes on You,” claim the biggest misconception about their relationship is that they’re only together for publicity. Minaj argues that she’s only more vocal about love life these days because she no longer feels the need to “hide that side of [her] life anymore.”

“I think one of the biggest misconceptions at the beginning was that people thought that me and him just popped up out of the blue and were just in a relationship. We were friends for a very long time and he was someone that I was able to really confide in. Nothing that we do is for TV,” she says. “When I came in the business, you couldn’t tell people you were in a relationship, because record company and management said that doesn’t make you appealing to men. So don’t tell people you’re in a relationship.”

She continues, “After you do that for ten years it becomes something you feel like you have to do. It’s difficult to break out of that box. So I just vowed to myself, ‘look, I’m about to put out a new album, I don’t care anymore.’ It just so happens I’m in a new relationship but I was planning on doing that before I was with Meek, because now it’s to the point where it’s different.”

For Minaj, the only thing that was holding her back from dating Mill was what her mother would think. Though Mill says no one on his side objected to the relationship, Minaj admits she was afraid her mother would take Mill the wrong way.

“Everyone professionally [was on board]. The only person was my mother,” the “Anaconda” rapper says. “My mother only knows Meek from what she sees in public, in the media. She met him now, but she just wants to make sure he’s a nice guy. She’s overprotective of her daughter.”

“Another thing people don’t realize is I’ve only had three boyfriends in my whole life,” she explains. “I don’t have a whole lot of experience in that department so my mother and my family were very like what? This is a big step, because they’ve only known one thing for over a decade. Even my pastor, who’s like a second mother, was scared. Everybody was just scared.”

While rumors about Drake, who’s close friends with Minaj, coming between the couple keeps churning, the pair insists they’re stronger than ever. Even though Drake and Mill may still be releasing diss tracks about each other, Minaj says she tries to not to let it muddle their romance.

“That’s the thing people don’t understand. Meek is a grown ass man,” she argues. “I may not agree with everything he says.”

“She likes none of that shit,” Mill adds. “No matter who I’m talking to.”