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If you have been given the difficult task of liquidating the assets of a loved one’s estate Estate Liquidators NYC can help. We have over two decades of experience helping both individuals and families sell their estates antiques, artworks and collectible items. We provide free in home consultations and we pay the highest cash prices in the industry. We also offer complete clean out services when we buy an estate’s entire contents. You can call us today to schedule your free consultation or to ask any questions that you may have about the estate liquidation process. Our phone number is (212) 951-1887.

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Here are 5 Reasons Why New Yorkers Choose Estate Liquidators NYC:


Reason 1: Estate Liquidators NYC is a Well Established Company.

When you are choosing an NYC Estate Liquidator please make sure that the company you use is well established and that it has a long list of verifiable references. Estate Liquidators NYC  can provide many references for you upon your request. Estate Liquidators NYC has been successful in the estate liquidation and antique buying business since 1993.

Reason 2: Estate Liquidators NYC Purchases Complete Estates (All of your items)

At Estate Liquidators NYC we have the financial capabilities to purchase all of your estate’s antiques, art works and collectibles. If you utilize our services we will buy everything, and you will not have to worry about contacting multiple companies; each of whom will only want to purchase specific items. We even offer a full clean out service for free if we purchase all of your estate’s contents. This can help you speed up the sale of your property; which is where the majority of the value of your estate is.

Reason 3: Estate Liquidators NYC is Reliable and Dependable.

We pride ourselves on always showing up on time for our appointments. We know that your time is valuable, which is why we always do our best to be on time for every appointment that we make with you, from the first estimate to the final day of cleaning. And, if you call early enough in the day we may even be able to meet you at the estate location on the same day that you contact us. Our expert estate consultants work 7 days per week, except on major holidays, to ensure that we give our clients the highest quality of professional service.

Reason 4: Estate Liquidators NYC Gives Immediate Cash Payouts (on the spot).

You can usually get a cash (or certified bank check) payout on the same day, or within no more than 48 hours from when one of our professional estate consultants evaluates your estate’s contents,  if we are going to purchase your estate’s heirlooms. With us you can be certain that we will carefully evaluate the value of your family’s heirlooms and you can have confidence that we will give you an honest appraisal and  a great cash offer for your estate’s valuable antique items..

Reason 5: Estate Liquidators NYC Pays The Highest Prices in The Industry.

We pay the highest cash prices in the NYC Estate Liquidators industry for all types of antiques, art and vintage collectibles, hands down. And here is how we are able to pay out the most cash to our clients.

First; Estate Liquidators NYC is a division of a larger company called Estate-Buyers Inc. And  Estate-Buyers Inc. has an international network of tens of thousands of antique and art collectors that are always looking to buy all different types of antiques, works of art, collectibles, statues, porcelains and more. These collectors are always waiting for us to bring them fresh new antiques that they can purchase from us. This speeds up our turn around time on the selling of merchandise. And, unlike most NYC Antique Dealers who need to figure in to their cost of doing business, the holding on to (warehousing/storage/displaying) of merchandise for up to a year before it is sold, we usually sell most of our merchandise in under a month. This allows us to pay you, the client, more for your antiques then most of the other NYC Antique Buyers in the New York metropolitan area.

And also, we are a part of a large network of antique and art buyers; each of whom specializes mainly in one or two types of antiques. This allows us to buy even the largest of estates while ensuring that our clients get paid the most for their valuables. For example; one antique buyer in our network may buy only porcelains, so if your estate were very large (requiring a cash purchase of more than $50,000 upfront for it’s contents), and had a lot of antique porcelains,  then instead of us buying everything, we would bring in the porcelain buyer and they would be able to pay you the highest prices possible on those items as they have their own network of porcelain collectors that they can resell to quickly.

These are the 5 reasons why New Yorkers choose Estate Liquidators NYC.

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