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By: Stacy Miller


There’s someone after Vincent, (when isn’t there?) but this time that someone is willing to fork up a lot of dough for his capture.

Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) are running, but not from bounty hunters. It’s a fun, husband and wife jog like normal couples do until Vincent makes like the Bionic Man and super speeds past Catherine. He was distracted thinking about the people after him that he almost revealed his beast running ability. Fortunately, no one saw him. Although he had been acting like Catherine was the worrywart, Vincent admitted that he’s worried too that their lives will be about the beast danger again.

Meanwhile, JT (Austin Basis) is basically ignoring Tess (Nina Lisandrello) while he’s on the computer looking into who’s after Vincent. Tess is preoccupied with what to wear for her department photo. JT learns that Homeland Security’s computer was hacked, which is bad news since the information the hacker got reveals about beasts and Homeland Security’s cover-up.

So, JT goes with Catherine to DHS for more information. Deputy Secretary Hill (Andrew Stewart-Jones) tells Detective Chandler and “the computer nerd” that DHS has made every effort to hide any information pertaining to beasts (especially Vincent Keller). Unfortunately, now that their computer has been hacked, they won’t be putting the agency at risk anymore.

At the hospital, Dr. Vincent Keller is hard at work. Well, actually he’s tossing tongue depressors into bed pans, but whatever, when sister-in-law Heather (Nicole Anderson) arrives. She tells him that she’s really interested in Kyle (Michael Roark) and wants to start dating him. Vincent doesn’t think it’s a good idea to bring someone else into their beast inner circle. But Heather doesn’t think it fair that she has to put her life on hold. What show are you watching Heather? Don’t you know that putting a normal life on hold because of beast concerns come first always?!

Someone else who is tired of the beast consumption that is a part of her life is Tess. She just wants a normal life with her career and living with a boyfriend who pays attention to her, not his computer screen. Catherine tries to assure her friend that things will get better. Suddenly, an explosion comes from a building and Cat and Tess hit the ground. So much for things getting better…

The building was the apartment of socialite Bootsy Durbridge, (Amanda Setton) a hotel heiress and all around party girl. Catherine goes to the hospital to check on Bootsy. Fortunately, the heiress wasn’t badly injured. She’s busy texting her dog to let him know she’s fine. Catherine is surprised to see Vincent at the hospital. I know now why, he’s and doctor and works there. “I work here,” Vincent says. Hey, I just said that. Catherine and Vincent start arguing about the interference of the other in the investigation. I love how Vincent keeps forgetting that his wife is a cop and more than capable of taking care of herself, even without beast abilities. Later, someone tries to kill Bootsy in her hospital bed, but Vincent swoops in and saves her just in time. Again, he almost reveals his beastie face to the police.

Vincent brings Bootsy to Catherine’s apartment for protection. Bootsy finally tells them the truth about why someone wants her dead. Bootsy was working with the Feds by using her family’s hotels to hide government informants. So, when the Homeland Security computer was hacked, the information about Bootsy came to light along. Now, there are people not only threatening her but also her sister Melody (Erin Agostino) to get Bootsy to stop hiding Fed informants.

JT is given the task of babysitting, I mean guarding Bootsy. The heiress is worried about her sister that she won’t let JT stop her from getting to Melody. So, Bootsy knocks JT out. “I should take karate,” says JT from the floor where Bootsy leaves him as she takes off.

Catherine convinces Tess to go undercover as Bootsy so they could catch the people after her. Tess reminds that as Captain, she no longer does undercover work. But Tess admits that she was good at it and misses it. So, Tess dresses the socialite, complete with dark glasses and waits on a bench to lore the people after Bootsy out of the shadows. Much to their dismay, since Bootsy has been spotted on Twitter at a club (darn you social media), the people after her know that Tess is a fake Bootsy and try to kill her!

Tess and Catherine go to the club to get Bootsy and have to fight the men after her. No problem for the awesome police women extraordinaire, but it’s too late to save Bootsy from being kidnapped because a few of the men smuggle her out of the back door of the club. Catherine and Tess take off towards the back down after Bootsy and her kidnappers, but they only manage to run into Vincent who again almost revealed his beastie face to paparazzi.

JT’s computer expertise helps locate the kidnappers by using computer footage from around the area and city. He is so preoccupied with everything beasts that he ignores a telephone call from Dean Wilson who called to discuss his request for tenure. It was also discovered by JT that the threat to Bootsy was a dangerously scary dude named Dominic (Brett Ryan) who was after all the witnesses and had intended to kill them via a bomb explosion of a hotel.

Vincent arrives at the rooftop of the hotel in which Dominic was planning to whisk Bootsy away via helicopter. He uses his beastie strength and stops the helicopter from taking off but also, again, risks exposure. Was it just me or was Vincent super careless in this episode in displaying his beast abilities?

Even though Bootsy had seen what Vincent did, she didn’t understand what she saw and told Catherine and Vincent that the secret was theirs. Unfortunately, now Bootsy is the one who has to go into hiding because of sister Melody’s boyfriend. This gives Heather something to think about as far as bringing Kyle into her life and trusting him with their secrets.

In the final moments of the episode, JT admits that he no longer craves the normalcy of being a college professor so he’s decided to turn down his tenure. Catherine and Vincent realized that they dodged a bullet this time, but how long well their luck win out?

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