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You want your first anniversary to feel just as special for your spouse as the day you got married. One of the most sweet, romantic anniversary ideas is making a first anniversary time capsule. This is a unique way to ensure your first anniversary is memorable and sentimental. Start by putting together the time capsule 6 months before your first anniversary, and then with your spouse, you can add to it each anniversary. This gives you an opportunity to start a tradition you can both enjoy for years to come. Enjoy this gem from our collection of romantic anniversary ideas!

Here is a list of some items you can include in your first anniversary time capsule:

  1. Love Letters

One of the most important things to include in your time capsule are love letters you have each written for one another. Set aside a special time that you can both reflect on how much you are in love. Try to write the letters 6 months in advance, then put them into the time capsule for safe keeping until your first anniversary. If the thought of writing a love letter makes you nervous, check out our 3-step recipe about writing an anniversary letter! I’ve seen the idea of writing one letter for each year, and not reading them until your 25th wedding anniversary (but I don’t know if I could wait that long!) This first anniversary idea is so romantic and sweet… have your tissues ready! Photo credit: The Dating Divas

  1. Copy of Your Wedding Video

A copy of your wedding video is the perfect thing to include in your anniversary time capsule. This video will showcase all of the big moments from your big day. Dim the lights and curl up together on the sofa so you can both relive all of the excitement. Take this as an opportunity to let her know that you love her just as much now as you did then. If you haven’t watched your video for a while, this is the perfect, romantic idea for your anniversary!

  1. Champagne with Toasting Glasses

A bottle of champagne is a nice touch to your anniversary time capsule. Be sure to pick a brand that you know is her favorite. Include the original toasting glasses from your wedding reception. Your wife is sure to fall in love with you all over again at such a romantic gesture. Fill the glasses up and link arms again, just like you did on that special day. Feeling creative? There’s a killer tutorial over at to make gold-dipped champagne flukes to include in your time capsule! One of our favorite ideas for a romantic anniversary!

  1. Wedding Memorabilia

Include some wedding memorabilia in the anniversary time capsule. Try including your wedding guestbook, notes from loved ones on your wedding day, different snapshots, and anything that will make you both laugh and remember what you felt like on that day. Your wedding day went by so fast that there may be things that have slipped your mind over the year. Use this as an opportunity to revisit that day and things you have forgotten. You will both have fun spending hours reading and looking over everything together. This is the most sentimental and romantic anniversary idea!

  1. {Paper} Anniversary Journal

Give her the gift of a traditional paper anniversary by including a nice journal in the time capsule. I love the leather embossed journal above that I spotted at Barnes and Noble! Let her know that this journal is special because it will act as a journal specifically for your anniversary. Let her know that each wedding anniversary you will both write a letter in the journal. This letter can include special memories from the previous year you have spent together, hopes and dreams you have for your future, and how much you love one another. This is certain to be something that she will adore, and a total “must” to have a romantic anniversary.

What do you think of our romantic anniversary ideas?

What items would you include in your anniversary time capsule for your wife?  We’d love to know what you’d put in your time capsule, in the comments below!

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