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Would you date someone shorter than you?

I married someone shorter than me! He didn't mind, I didn't mind. In fact, we laughed at the odd looks especially if I was wearing heels!
That's really great that you two got married I congratulate you on that.That's interesting that you two just laugh it off I hope that both of you continue to have a happy life together.
January 22, 2010 10:40pm CST
I don't know about this sometimes it may look a bit odd,but other times it's cute.I'm not rude or anything so i think I would probably date someone shorter than me.Everyone deserves a chance that's fair.It really depends on their personality really,if their fun to be around then it should be ok.Would you date someone shorter than you.
Yes off course, rather I can say I would have to, as I am 6'1" and here in Ahmedabad where I currently belongs to, girl's normal height is between 5'6" to 5'11" By the way what is your height?
Yes, I would date them. Just as long as they are not any lower than 2 inches from me. I would not place a negative emphasis on whether I want to be with someone or not. I know that if I do date someone that is a little shorter than me, I will feel awkward and out of place. I did date a couple of guys like that in my life that were shorter than me.
I don't think so... I don't like men shorter than me , I even don't like men with my height. I prefer taller men and that is why I would not date with someone shorter than me /or even with the same height as mine/.
As long as we are a good match I would date them. Being short doesn't change their personality.
Why not? As long as that person is literally normal. Hahaha.. I’m often noticed because of my height, I’m tall and mostly taller than those I have had dated. It’s their usual question or comment and I don’t know if they feel intimidated at first or what. But in the end, it’s not what matters the most, right…?
Well, I can't accept it. I understand that they may be very good but I just cannot accept it, at least for the moment.
yeah, it does not matter as i am after the attitude so it is only the physical as long as the height differences is not so distance like for sample I am more taller to him by few inches but if he is a midget then we better of as a friend than lover i suppose to do not like to pretend were not exactly match.
I don't know.. Probably not.. I mean , I'm already short so I like looking up. I'm only 5'2" and I love wearing footwear with not-so-high heels so if a guy is shorter than I am, even when I'm wearing flats, then I don't think we'd look like a couple. I hope I don't sound rude here because that's not my intention.
Physically short has got nothing to do with a relationship I think.As far as I am concerned I wold definitely date someone as long as that person is not shorter in intelligence,wits , sense of humor and most importantly shortness of breath.
Well, it's difficult to find someone shorter than me, but I don't find height a problem. I find short people cute, so I would probably date a person shorter than me
That's kinda impossible for me . Because i'm really short. So it'll be hard to find someone shorter than me . But if there was, I wouldn't mind dating him. We'll look kind of cute together.. being short and all.
and obviously i have date a girl who is shorter than me...i'm 180 cm tall and i cannot look for a girl who is taller than me, then it would be a difficult task to detect or taller girl itself.. So naturally i have to see for a shorter girlll
I kinda have to agree with you on the personality thing. And to say the truth. Yes, I would date someone who's shorter than me mainly because I wouldn't really have a problem with that. But I'm not sure how I would respond to this question if it was someone who's taller than me. It simply would feel odd. I find the whole idea of someone being smaller or taller rather odd. One of my friends girlfriends is actually around 1 head shorten than he is yet they don't seem to have a problem with that. Just like I wouldn't. But I'm not sure how it would be if it was the other way around.. I find it interesting how its ok for both of them. And I really wonder what a couple thinks when one of them is longer than the other.. Its a good question. :)
yes, i would date someone shorter than myself. i look for a man that is well-groomed, clean, and first his character. i look for manners, language, and personality. Shortness is ok by me.
Yes I may. especially when I really love the person. Size does not matter for true lovers. She maybe short, but smart and with big......Heart.
i haven't been on a date actually. but for me, i think it's a bit awkward to date someone shorter than you if you are a girl. it is really bad to look at. but if you like that person, well, why not? maybe he is the one who is meant for you.
Im a tally lady and I am always taller than a men but not all. I used to have boyfriends who are shorter than me but i never mind it as long as i am happy with him. When my friend saw us together they made fun with us because i look likes her mom. My boyfriend were sometimes offended by that but I just say dont mind them.
of course i will! i love to date with my girlfriend that shorter then me..she so cute !!