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Are Anna Friel and Rhys Ifans heading for a West Country wedding?

Anna Friel and Rhys Ifans will be house-hunting for a family home in the West Country in the New Year – with friends predicting an engagement could be imminent.

The pair are now based at Anna’s home in Windsor with her six-year-old daughter Gracie.

They are currently both working in Los Angeles, but will return for Christmas and then spend the New Year looking for a big farmhouse where they can set up home together.

‘The plan is for them to come back on December 16 in time for Christmas and after that they are going to start house hunting,’ says a friend.

‘They are totally in love and really happy together and want to move to Somerset.’

The actress, 35, ended her ten-year relationship with David Thewlis, 48, last year and has been with Rhys, 44, since February.

She recently said: ‘One of the things that draws us together is our need to feel safe. It’s nice to have a sanctuary and a pair of big arms around you.’

‘Anna and Rhys adore each other, and it would surprise none of us if they got engaged in the New Year,’ says the friend.
Is it Rhys' influence? Anna Friel ditches the dresses to wear skin-tight jeans and rock-chick boots for lunch date

She's usually the picture of old Hollywood glamour in a stunning dress with tumbling curls and lashings of lippy.

But yesterday Anna Friel ditched the dresses and channeled her inner rock chick for a lunch date with boyfriend Rhys Ifans.

The pair were snapped striding purposefully down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles after dining at Greenblatts Deli.

Tiny and toned: Friel showed off her tiny frame in an off-the-shoulder stripey top and skin-tight jeans that she tucked into weather-beaten boots

The 35-year-old actress, who has been dating Ifans for six months, showed off her tiny, toned frame in skin-tight print jeans and an off-the-shoulder stripey top.

She teamed this with weather-beaten rock-star boots and graded Ray-Ban sunglasses, while her hair blew out widely behind her.
From ee-by-gum to Cymraeg! Anna Friel reveals her daughter chats to Rhys Ifans' parents in Welsh

She famously hired a nanny with a northern accent while filming in the U.S. to ensure her daughter didn't acquire an American twang.

Now Anna Friel's little girl appears to be taking on an entirely new language - Welsh.

The 35-year-old actress, whose boyfriend is actor Rhys Ifans, revealed Gracie, six, has been chatting on the phone to Ifans' parents in their native tongue.

They fondly call her 'Gracie, bach' or Gracie, pet.

The Hollywood pair have only been a couple for six months, but Friel has made no secret of her love for the 44-year-old.

'He is a lovely, lovely man,' she told The Sunday Times. 'So funny. So poetic. And a big family person.'

Friel has spoken before about having children with the Notting Hill actor, but any move to Wales doesn't sound forthcoming.

‘Come on, I love Wales,' Friel said. 'But how practical is that going to be?'

The star of American TV show Pushing Daisies broke up with her partner of ten years and Gracie's father, David Thewlis last year.

Thewlis, who plays Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter films, now lives partly in Paris with his new girlfriend. Friel admits juggling the parenting schedule has been hard.

'It’s a lot more difficult than David or I ever imagined,' she said.

Her love for Ifans seems to be making it all a bit easier however.

They met soon after she split from Thewlis, on the set of Peter Pan prequel Neverland. She plays a nasty pirate who teaches Ifans' Captain Hook all his bad habits.

'I’m a real brute in it,' Friel said. He (Ifans) called me Brian May because of my big hair, and I called him Stringy, short for Stringfellow, because of his blond wig.'

They started dating a few months later after meeting up again in LA.

'After a break-up, you’re supposed to spend all this time on your own, Friel muses. 'But I didn’t want to be going round having lots of different boyfriends. I can’t. I’m a mother.'

The two actors do share similar looks and both starred in Shakespeare film Anonymous. Ifans also played Xenophilius Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1.

Friel describes ex Thewlis as a thinker, a writer and intellectual who is 'less gregarious than me.' Meanwhile Ifans makes her laugh.

Friel has just finished filming weepie ITV thriller Without You, about a wife who discovers her husband may have been having an affair after he dies in a car crash with a mystery woman.

While filming Pushing Daisies Friel relocated to LA, but currently has no plans to return despite her agent's pleas.

'I could do any TV show I wanted there (America),' she said. But knowing what it’s like to commit to a six-year contract, it has to be something you’re passionate about.'

Friel also revealed she has been turned down for a couple of roles because she is 'too pretty'.

Maybe it’ll all come when I’ve turned 60,' she said. 'When I can turn round and say, "Look! Look at all my wrinkles."'

He is the folk singer from a family of folk singers, who grew up in idyllic rural Ireland. She is the archetypal English beauty who has been making waves on both sides of the Atlantic since she titillated television audiences with the UK’s first primetime lesbian kiss, on Brookside in 1994. Fionn Regan and Anna Friel are an unlikely pairing, yet both are self-styled bohemians with a shared love of the poet Robert Graves. Their chance encounter by a swimming pool in Valencia resulted not only in a lasting friendship, but also in Fionn’s magical third album, 100 Acres of Sycamore, which he wrote at Anna’s home in Majorca.

Anna quizzed Fionn for The Hunger, and regaled us with the story of how the unlikely pair first encountered each other.

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