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Real sexting conversations, as hot as you like! Here’s one right now to get you started…

 Hey baby you are hot!!!!!!

   Hello, stud… what’s up? 

You know what!

   I think I do but I’d like you to tell me. 

You tell me!

   What do you want to know? 

What are you wearing?

   T-shirt and jeans, bare feet…

Great I love feet. But tell me about your underwear.

   Jockstrap, baby. Sheer and snug. 

How hard are you?

   How will you know?

Tell me where your hands are.

   Mmmm…tell me where you want them.

Grab your dick.

   Way ahead of you, baby. I’ve been squeezing my eight inches when you type. 

   Should I pull it out? 

No, wait. Tell me how it feels first; rubbing your cock.

   My cock feels great. Firm. Very sensitive.

   I like to graze my fingernails across the tip.

Can you imagine my hands gliding across your skin?

   Your hands are rough (giggles) and strong and manly. 

   <knees melting>

   <heart pounding>

   <precum moistening>

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Now, I need you to take your right hand and start playing with yourself.

Will you do that for me, babe?

   Talk me through it.

Check if you’re ready. Slide your right index finger into your ass crack.

Tell me–are you ready?

   Definitely getting there.

Good boy. Now take your middle finger and ease it between your cheeks.

Take your time. Tell me everything.

   I can feel my own balls, so hot on the back of my hand.

   I’m going to lick my finger, just a bit..please?

Lick your finger, how is it?

   Mmmmm….it made my dick even harder. 

Do you wish I was right there with you right now?

If I was, I’d be kissing on your neck.

Slowly up to your left ear — my voice and hot breath:

“I’m so fuckin’ hard right now.”

   Goddamn I’m so hot; this is so hot; you are so hot!

Working my way down your collarbone, your chest.

Licking every inch of your pecs before taking that pert nipple into my mouth!

   Please don’t forget the right one!

Stomach kisses, hip kisses, thigh kisses… know where I’m going?

   Spreading for you, baby! Oh please baby oh please suck me down!

Gliding my tongue, flicking your tip.

   How’s my dick, baby?

It’s heaven.

   Tell me how you like to suck my dick!

Your dick is like candy! Your thighs provide just the right amount of friction.

<burying my face between your legs>

   I’m on fire! Please can I cum?

Only if we can keep going.

I think your ass is jealous of your dick.

Turn over, Ima eat your ass.

And then I’m gonna fuck it.

   OK I’m back (dropped the phone). 

   I’m glad you wanna eat my ass too, it’s been awhile.

I am serious about the fucking.

   Me too.

No, do you have a dildo or a vibrator? I want you to put it up your ass.

I will wait.

   OK I’ve got it. 

   OMG I can’t believe I’m doing this. It’s HUGE!

   Dunno if I can get it all in but I will try.  😉

Good girl.

Lube up.

   I have a thick rubber dildo, about 9″ but very wide head especially.

What color?

   Purple. Clear-ish. Sparkles.


   Shut up I’m tickling my ass with the fat head. heheh

   All slippery with lube. Been so long. Pucker! Whoo!

You are funny. Keep going.

   I am! OMG so nice. I’m on my back, knees bent.

   Legs crossed and in the air. 

   Twisting the dildo head like a screw in my asshole entrance. 

Push it in?

   Not yet. Mmm. Nice. Tell me something hot.

I wish I was there to jerk your dick and drip warmed lube on your dildo.

   And feather-lick my asshole. I love that.

Nice and light around the pink. Soft, exploratory fingers too.

   Nice. Good. More.

Push gently baby, open your asshole for my big dick.

   You’re too big.

No, no. Relax. Go slow. Breathe, baby, breathe.

How does that feel?

Tell me how my hard cock feels in your tight little asshole.


   OK IT IS IN! Holy shit I have all 9 inches in my ass for you!

Take it, baby. That’s me. I’m in your ass and you feel perfect.

   I can’t believe you talked me into this!!!!!!

Do it!

   OMG your huge hard dick is filling up my ass.

   OMG you better be jerking off.

   Amazing. Fucking amazing!!!!

I am going to be jerking off over this forever.

   Me too. 

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