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Ground School

Learning to fly is fun! But you do have to hit the books in order to learn the material that can’t be covered in the cockpit. While you can certainly take care of your studying on your own, most people prefer to attend one of our ground school courses taught in a classroom environment. Not only will this ensure you cover all the material, but it will also provide the structure and organization to get you through the required material in an organized and timely manner.

To become a private pilot, you must:

  • Be 16 years old to solo
  • Be 17 years old to obtain your pilot certificate
  • Read, speak, and understand English
  • Hold at least a third-class medical certificate

A private pilot certificate allows you to join a select group of individuals who can fly anywhere their imagination might take them. You can carry any number of passenger and share certain operating expenses with your passengers. You might consider taking family or friends on a trip to a distant state or use an airplane to shorten the time it takes to make business trips. We make aircraft readily available to our members for rental once you obtain your private pilot certificate.

Private Pilot Ground School

This six-week course teaches you everything you need to know to pass the FAA private pilot knowledge tests. Topics include airplane systems, aerodynamics, airport environments, proper communications and phraseology, meteorology, regulations, aircraft performance, charts and navigation, and human factors.

Cost: $300 for members and guests

When to Take the Knowledge Test

Experience shows that the knowledge (written) test is more meaningful and more likely to yield a passing grade if you take it after beginning the flight portion of the training. For the greatest benefit, we recommend that you take the knowledge test after completing a solo cross-country flight. You can use the operational knowledge gained by this experience to your advantage on the knowledge test. Knowledge tests have only multiple-choice questions. You can practice for the test by reviewing the sample question bank.

Where to Take the Knowledge Test

Fortunately, Aurora Flight Training has a testing center on site that can administer FAA knowledge tests. Each test costs $165.

G1000 Basic

The Garmin G1000 is the biggest name in “glass cockpit” technology. If you plan to fly newer airplanes, expect to find many with the G1000. This course covers the basics of operating the G1000.

Cost: Free for members / $20 for guests

G1000 Advanced

After attending the G1000 basic course and getting a couple hours of practical experience flying an airplane with the G1000, many of the participants were ready to learn some of the more advanced features. This course builds on the fundamentals taught in the G1000 basic course and requires a bit more time.

Cost: $25 for members / $45 for guests