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Maybe it’s just me, but I get really annoyed with Leonardo DiCaprio’s love life and romantic choices. And I like him as an actor! But whenever I really think about his compulsive modelizing, his commitment issues and his general douchiness about women, I get upset. It’s no secret that Leo has a type – he likes up-and-coming models with accents. The models tend to be of the curvier variety, going with the Victoria’s Secret trend rather than the emaciated-preteen trend, so I guess I give him credit for that. He doesn’t want a bag of bones. I’ll also give him credit for something else – unlike, say, a George Clooney, Leo likes a girl with a career. He doesn’t seem to expect a girl to drop everything to be with him – he tends to go for girls with their own stuff going on.

So, now that we’ve established Leo’s type, I can say with reasonable certainty that this report from Star is likely crap. They claim that Leo has been quietly dating The City‘s “reality star” Whitney Port. She’s the one who looks like Audrina Patridge, only Whitney’s hair is lighter and her eyes aren’t as crazy.

“They met at a NYC party and he flirted with her like crazy, then asked for her phone number,” says a source. “She didn’t think it was a big deal because she heard he does that with lots of girls.”

“When Leo started calling her, she thought he was just being friendly. But he called and called… He was very sweet to her. He told her how beautiful she is, how much he wanted to go out with her.”

When NYC-based Whitney hit LA in late September, Leo insisted that thye meet up. On September 27, he asked her to join him at a street fair in Venice, CA but she said no.

“Whitney read that he was with model Anne Vyalitsyna and didn’t want it to look publicly like he was two-timing Anne with her,” says a source. She did, however, agree to see him in private.

The eventual first date: an intimate dinner at his Hollywood Hills mansion in early October – and they’ve been sizzling ever since!

“She’s really clicked with him and he’s treating her very well, and of course it’s exciting that he’s such a huge star,” says the source. “But she’s taking it very slowly. She doesn’t want to be just another notch on Leo’s bedpost.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, October 26 2009]

Uh… whatever, honey. This was written by Whitney’s publicist. If Leo ever came up to Whitney or any of her “reality star” idiotic, waste of space moron friends, they would be on him like white on rice. And they still wouldn’t be his type. As much as I dislike Leo’s romantic life, even I know he’s above this sh-t.

UPDATE: A “source” is now telling Us Weekly that this Star report is totally untrue. Here’s the thing – the source is unnamed, obviously, but Us Weekly doesn’t identify the person as a friend of Leo’s or Whitney’s. Weird. Anyway, this random person claims: “”It’s about as true as The City – it’s made up! They don’t know each other. They never exchanged numbers.” Okay, random person, I believe you. I, too, am a random source and this is my statement: “Whitney’s publicist planted this story.”

Leo is shown on the set of Inception on 9/12/09 with Ellen Page. Whitney Port is shown at events on 9/13 and 9/16/09 and outside a nail salon on 10/12/09. Credit:

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