Dating cole plz

Cole and Lili: Dating or Nah?

Okay okay okay, I know what you’re thinking: “imaweirdoforriverdale, this is none of your business you should throw this whole post away.” But until you’ve read this entire post, I suggest you keep that thought to yourself until you get to the end. Thank you.

So I was scrolling on my instagram feed and I follow this account about Cole Sprouse and in the video the girl asked Cole if him and Lili Reinhart were dating, and he answered it with “No comment.” So now it’s 1:13 AM EST, I’m not even home yet (rip to me getting up at 8AM), I’m almost done with my homework and instead of reading for my African American Literature class, I am typing my opinion. (Oh yeah, y’all getting this shit today.)

I am completely in love with Cole and I want to be best friends with Lili. With that being said, if they are dating, I probably would cry because they are literally 2 dweebs who deserve each other. They are literally the cutest. But maybe they are really just good friends, maybe even best friends, and want to keep us Riverdale fans on our toes? 

Granted even if they are dating, it is absolutely NONE of our business and they have that right to keep their relationship under wraps if they want to. They seriously could just be like Madelaine and Vanessa. They are celebrities, their whole life is always in the media! COLE HAS BEEN IN THE MEDIA SINCE HE WAS A BABY! 

Do I personally think they’re dating? Yes and no. Yes because I see the way they look at each other, all romantic and shit; I definitely would not look at some of my guys friends like that, but Cole would be an exception because hot damn that man is fine. No, because there are pictures all over the internet of them together and not once have they held hands in the pictures. I mean maybe that’s just them keeping their relationship a secret, or them just being completely repulsed by each other, that they would never see each other in a romantic way. I don’t know. I don’t care. It’s none of my business and if they do decide to come out with the truth, I support them wholeheartedly. 

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