It's xm updating honda ass unreal!

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The radio is working but no sound coming out from the speakers. What is the problem, please let me know.Thanks

Power on the radio doesn't cut out, but the sound does (in radio or CD form)
it's a pop, some static, then crickets (silence, you know). At some random time, not seemingly related to road bumps, the radio comes back on. Not a loss of any dashboard items.

Radio comes on but there is no sound coming from the speakers. Problem was intermittent before but is now constant.

I been having problems with my radio for the past couple of years. First, it seems like whenever I go to my car (or unlock it) the radio seems to be on. This usually happens in the winter. But most recently the sound would crackle and screech and then be silent. I would then shut off, turn on the radio and that seems to do the trick. But now, that no longer works and radio seems to be forever silent.

Could anyone advise me on how I can get this repaired? I am afraid to go to the dealer, figuring they will suggest a new radio for $800, which is probably close to the value of the car itself. Are the above problems related? Is it a circuit or wiring? Is it an easy fix? Sounds like it should be a warranty/recall issue.

The radio is working but no sound coming out from the speakers. What is the problem, please let me know.Thanks

Radio turns on... waits 10 seconds, volume meter turns on showing volume, but nothing comes out of the speakers!

My 04 accord, 2.4 has radio issue, cd and radio turns on but no volume. After approx. 15 minutes it starts to work.

Driving along, sudden loss of radio sound. Turn it off. Wait. Turn it back on and it sometimes works. Sometimes the speakers crackle and pop.
I turn it off because I don't want it to harm the speakers.

Radio appears to be on but sound not working. Randomly works for a few minutes then no sound again.

The sound goes out while the display remains intact, at other times some cracking sound can be heard from the speakers while driving. NO solution has been found for this problem yet.

My radio went out mid-2009 about the same time that my co-worker's '03 Accord EX's radio went out. Honda's only solution is to buy a replacement unit which costs around $800. I took the car to a local car audio shop that told me it may be the internal amp inside the radio that went bad and would cost me about $250 to repair or I could install an aftermarket radio underneath the existing radio where the cubby is located for about $160 or I could have opted for an aftermarket radio where the original is for about $375. I chose the $160 option which has worked out for me. Sadly I am disappointed in Honda for not recalling this issue as I have seen it being very common in 2003-07 Accords.

Speakers were popping and then going silent. I would turn radio off for a bit and it would work again. Now, they arent working at all

driving along and lost sound from stereo turned off radio then turned back on but unit was dead. Took to repair shop and they quoted me nothing less then $250.00 before getting to the root of the problem.
After looking this up I'm wondering why there isn't a recall. I need my music!

Radio turns in but no sound... Replaced factory radio with aftermarket radio and works just fine.

Radio just died. Turned on and off a few times and still didn't work. Took to Honda to have fixed - forget it, $900.00.
Thinking about installing a $250 one from Best Buy.