Hearts dating online kingdom game sim this woman's body

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i love it, i wish they would make more games like this.

i love this game!

I wish boys in this freaking world would act like anime boys

hmm I love these kind of games

ohhhhhhhhhhh i love it so cute

a romantic and lovely game for boys or girls, please play!

i love it so cute

to play this is hard i mean i am a boy ...okay a little but still it is very interesting and i played it 4 or 5 times and i still have no idea how to get the fifth guy ... but it is a great game and the people are well drawn its just great and hard in detail

it is very nice

love it

cool game

i love this game very much

I just sacrificed my sleeping hours just to play this game. I can't stop!

awesome game!

it is amazing! I love it!

it is amazing! please play it!

I haven't started playing this game but all the sim date games are so so so awesome. I luv those games and this will also be so good.

please tell me how to get the other guy, he seems cute...well, i love the game!

(only one cheat code) cheat (automatically gives you max relationship with daniel)

you thought he was a cat!!

work in the bazaar until you earn $50 enter the witch's cottage. buy the glass angel for $50 enter the church. click on the heart above the window at the back of the church. click on "um, ok" for your dialogue to give the glass angel to the priest enter the forest to find ferris released from his coffin. click on "talk" to get to know ferris.

it's so cute and ray I think is in the woods but I don't know how to get to him

awesome game! i love playing it

@_@ i have been playing some dating sims... this is one of the best... oh and while posting this comment the username I'm using is the username that I'm using in the game x3

warning spoilers to get something alright keep on reading if you are having trouble with finding the vampire, alright you see those woods behind the church? click them and you should see a coffin go buy a glass angel and then go in the church in there you'll see a heart click it then go back to the woods then the vamp is there and the coffins open. hope i helped :)

great game, helps me pass the time alot thanks xd

tothebatmobile type those cheat and marry me princess...

love it all the way! all the guys were so cute.... but i don't know which is my favourite... well i guess all of them are

you guys know ferris is the handsome guy , but lewis loves the character of princess [rose] alot you guys will cry listening to the story rose had no parents but sakka and lilla were not her parents though.lewis becomes her servant to help rose and gave his parents to her..i am becoming very emotional that guy is so nice wish someone loved me so much like he did.....

story made me cry...he is so nice to rose, i wish someone would love me that way

woh! best game i hope i can play it everyday

the cheat gives you max relationship with ferris ^_^

it's ok I'm kinda liking this but it can get a little bit boring but it's still nice game once you get used to it.

how do I get the 5th guy?

i love this game!!! it's very cute!! especially the characters!

nice game!! the characters are awesome!!!!

i love this game a lot..

what a lovely ending and what a cute game

i like it, but i can not get the fifth guy.

lewis is so cute omg *fangirlmode activated* xdd

i love this game and hope everyone else will too.

can i know when there is any cheats please

very cute and cool

very cool and cute at the same time but i love all her sim dates so.

sup...yo love this game i miss my boyfriend

i love this game! i love Ian too!

i love the vampire, he was sweet from the beginning until the end, everyone else (except lewis) talks like jerks at first.

haha that's the best cheat code ever, like wow.

how do we earn more magic skill?

it was so hard to choose!

i love this game!

its so cute! i ended up with my new husband Ian!

Joseph is so hot! all the other guys are hot too!

this was the very first sims i played!

cheat codes are max for lewis anti sparkle max for ferris max for ian max for joseph max for daniel

this is so, so good

did anybody else get the vampire?

this is the best ever

i love daniel the best.. he's cute. for those who feel the same. have a drink (a zombie would have been better) take out those spaces.. its the max relationship for daniel

this is awesome don't you think so?

how do you get the vampire?

i love this ... but does anyone know how to unlock the person in the coffin, that is, if there even is someone in there?

i love this it helps me relax

wow this is awsome i wish every was like this

tries to find cheat codes

I wish I could fly. This was awesome btw

i wonder if they have kids

is wish they would of told me that you have to have a certain amount to date someone....

okay everyone! who ever wants to get the vampire read this! to get the vampire you must buy the glass angel at the witch 's cottage. then, go to the church and above mr.toko should be a heart. click it!!! next mr.toko will say something, click on the answer "um,okay ". mr.toko will put the glass angel in the heart hole and say something again. it means nothing, so don 't worry. im not finished

after mr.toko says that, head out of the church, and go to the forest. there you will find the vampire, i forgot his name though.

spolier to get the vampire you have to buy an glass angle and then go to the church you will see mr. toko and above him where the top widow is u will see a heart shape u press on it church and go to the forest and then u will see the vampire the coffin is open ) hope that helped

this is the best its really fun an di love it i romantic and sweet and the boy is nice and the boy and girl are both cute

hey where should i put cheats

i like the scored all the

too cute i love wolf boy he is very cute and artistic

love it.need it to be real. outstanding. love

what are the cheat code? how do we get them?

omg..... so cool. man i wish i could make a like this one

i like all the boys im gonna be royle

i love this , i love all dating sims. i mean who wouldnt 't!? well i guess boys wouldn 't, bot you get what am saying! but any way awesome work on this p.s on the coffin, it says, "those who commit sins shall be punished. god only forgives when a fragile angel heals his heart ". i am just stating that the glass angel kinda should do the job, but how do i use it?