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With the abundance of great weather, beautiful people and overall high quality of life, Orange County, Ca. attracts thousands of new residents every year who want to work and play in this area. The nightlife scene on the other hand is hit and miss. From the 60 year old white republican millionaire looking for an 18 year old (or younger) play toy, to the ‘roid raging, Tap Out wearing bro’s, the bar/club scene in the O.C. has more than it’s fair share of douchebags.

We recently polled 100 women who lived in the O.C. area and asked them to give us their “top 10 list” of bars/clubs in Orange County that seem to attract a better than average share of male douchebags. We then compiled their responses into a list and found the same bar/club names being repeated over and over again.

This list isn’t an indicator of a bad bar or club, rather it’s a list of the clientele that the bar/club seems to attract more often than not. Avoid these places at all costs if you are female in her 20’s-30’s and wish not to be hit upon by the douchebags that crawl out from under their rocks to infest the O.C. night scene once the sun goes down.

1. Sutra
Address: 1870 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA

Taken directly from the first line when you visit their website: “Sutra nightclub has remained the premiere entertainment venue in Orange County attracting upscale party goers and celebrities from all over Southern California and beyond

Tijuana just called….they want their nightclub back. As one of our female reviewers so eloquently put it: “Sutra nightclub is full of fist pumping, gold chain wearing, Persian gangster wannabes and just as fake model/actresses. You’re going to need to find one of these guys to help your pay for your overpriced weak drinks. However, you might find your very own Pauly D to take you home!! If that doesn’t show what type of place this is, Mickey Avalon is a guest DJ here. Get ready for some fist pumping, Jersey Shore action going on at Sutra!

The only thing that’s missing here is the donkey show.

2. Sharkeez in Huntington Beach
Address: 211 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach at its finest” If you haven’t been here it is a must for anyone doing their dissertation on the “Bro culture” in America. Guys here love to creep; not just the stare at you from across the room creep but serious creeping in your personal space. They’ll slide up beside you with their sandals on, Rip Curl hat turned around, undersized t-shirt and try to spit some lame game about how they love your extensions or fake nails. Once defeated, they’ll whip out a ruler and have a measuring contest with the 14 other bros that they came in with. So if your into “bros and ho’s” then Sharkeez is the place for you!!

3. Goat Hill
Website: None
Address: 1830 Newport Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA

All you ladies who missed out on the stud quarterback back in high school, who is now on his 7th year of community college, this place is for you! Throw in a small space, smokey patio and the fine scent of an unflushed toilet, this place has it all. There are many beers on tap but these guys here will buy you only the finest PBR and tell you their infamous 5 touch down in one game story. But hey, at least you get free peanuts! If you’re into sports and the games on the big screen t.v. just aren’t cutting it, you can always watch the bouncers kick some ass on any given night.

4. Blackies by the Sea
Address: 2118 West Oceanfront, Newport Beach, CA

Blackie’s has been around since 1953 and is a staple in Newport. Unfortunately, that is the same year that most of the patrons were born. Originally a surfer hangout in the 70’s and 80’s, this place has vintage OC written all over it. This bar may not scream OC but once you step inside and see the sun bleach blond and wrinkly tan skin on the men, you’ll see why it made this list. If you’re female and in your early to mid 20’s and are looking to get hit on by a 65 year old multimillionaire who wants to take you back to his yacht in the harbor to do a few lines of coke….this is the place!

5. 47 Bar
Website: None
Address: 209 Palm Street, Newport Beach, CA

A nice place where they only serve the finest wines like Charles Shaw or Boon’s and the beers on tap are award winners like Pabst and Miller High Life. This place is made for one thing, drinking and getting trashed and the clientele fits that mold to a T. This place is near the Balboa pier so you get a good mix of frat boys, regulars and surfer dudes looking for an easy score. Drinks are fairly cheap since the selection is not top notch. Don’t come here looking for a sugar daddy. Most people walk, bike or skate here so if a Mercedes or BMW is your favorite mode of transportation, get ready to work those legs. Bring some quarters for the juke box or get ready to listen to Jack Johnson over and over and have the guys buys your cheap beer. You might get lucky with a surfer frat guy who lives next door!

6. Malarky’s Irish Pub
Address: 3011 Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA

Starting to notice a trend with this list? I’m looking right at you, Newport Beach.

Who doesn’t love standing in line for an hour to get in just to get hit on by some “bro”. This bar must be cool because it has Irish in the title? Top 40 hits such as the ever popular Spice Girls and Britney Spears can be heard while you wait outside this Newport bar. Once in, you will get hit on my quite a few of the bro’s who will want to high-five you with for every witty comment they think they made. Enjoy the unlimited supply of bro’s, ‘roid ragers, and the ubiquitous MMA douchebag (complete with 10’ high raised truck with “Tap Out” stickers plastered all over the back window). If you ever feel the urge to get your Irish fix on, grab some Lucky Charms and pop in Gangs on New York on the dvd player instead of trying to navigate through the sea of Bro’a at Malarky’s.

7. The District Lounge
Address: 223 West Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA

A bar with the perfect mix of college frat guys and corner creepers to keep you wanting to never come back. There is a never ended line of guys just who just turned 21 waiting to get in on the weekends and hit on anything that looks their way. There is a DJ and if you dare try to dance you will be sandwiched by no less than 3 frat boys. And if you’re lucky the creepers who have been staring at you from the corner may come over and try to chat you up while you wait in the 20 minute line for the bathroom. Buy hey, they do have a photo booth so you always remember your night!

8. 8Eighty8
Address: 4647 MacArthur Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA

Who doesn’t love a tiny club and clientele who could be your dad trying to hit on you all night? Welcome to 8eighty8 night club!! (the spelling of the middle 8 makes this place “cool”) If you like old hairy men who drive entry-level C class Mercedes and shop exclusively at Armani, then come on down!! Axe hair gel and Cash-for-gold could be the sponsors for this club. But hey, overpriced drinks, long lines and sweaty men are every girls dream, right?

9. Classic Q’s Billards and Sports Bar
Address: 4250 Martingale Way, Newport Beach, CA

It’s a pool hall. Douchebags frequent here. In other news, the sky is up and water is wet.

10. Hurricanes Bar and Grill
Address: 200 Main St # 201, Huntington Beach, CA

If being a punching bag for a ‘roid rager is your thing then come on down to Hurricanes! You’re going to have to get wasted to have a good time here. The juiced up jocks and fake beach chicks all but fornicate in front of you. Jersey shore could be filmed here with all the drama going on in every corner. You may get lucky when 2 bro’s chest bump each other in front of you because a hot chick said Hi. This place will give anthropologists great insight as to why Affliction stills stays in business.


Disclaimer: These statements above are based upon the opinions from females who have attended these bars and do not represent the opinion(s) of the author/owner of the website.

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