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a/n: i decided to do all current members (…besides kangin due to recent happenings, if you want kangin just ask and i’ll add him)

request: they get called ‘cradle robbers’ at a variety show for dating a 20 y/o idol


When Leeteuk agreed to be on Running Man, he surely didn’t expect to get called out by Kang Gary. The words ‘cradle robber’ fell from his mouth and Leeteuk was in shock. He was too flustered to make a comeback right away, but would definitely be more than pissed off. “Yah…don’t go around talking like that. You’re bound to get beaten”


When Yoo Jaesuk called him a ‘cradle robber’ for dating you, he’d be appalled. Heechul would be soooo petty in this situation. Yes, you were younger than him, but who cares? You were his precious baby and he didn’t appreciate people judging you. He’d spend the next half an hour telling Jaesuk off. “Who are you to talk? Your wife is nine years younger than you! Watch your mouth”


Yesung would be an emotional train-wreck, acting like a completely teenager. He’d be sad, mad, probably cry a bit and then just end up accepting his fate. Was he slightly pissed off? Yes. Was he ever going to forget about this? There’s no way. “You can’t say things like that, I mean - I’m sorry for yelling I just-”. As he defended himself Heechul would roll his eyes and stop him “Yesung shut up”


After Jaesuk referred to him as a cradle robber he’d look at him in shock - surprised that he even mentioned you. Shindong was good at keeping his private life private, but nonetheless he’d put all of his energy into defending you. It wasn’t a surprised that he got up out of his seat to confront him face to face, jokingly of course. “Who do you think you are? You’re just jealous”


Sungmin had regrettably signed up to be on Knowing Bros - soon realizing what his fate would be. He knew what he was getting himself into, so he tried to prepare himself in advance. ‘They’ll just make fun of you, it’s okay…you already deal with Heechul - you’re used to it..’, he’d tell himself. Yet he never expected them to call him a cradle robber of all things. His eyes would widen - “Ahhhh, so that’s what people call me. I thought I was just a devoted boyfriend?”


Eunhyuk would immediately stiffen as soon as he heard the words cradle robber directed towards him. He knew that people were concerned about your age, but he tried to reassure people. “I know that they’re a lot younger than me, but I love them so much. People shouldn’t worry. I’d also appreciate it if you stopped calling me such names…”


Siwon would be a little more than annoyed. When Kang Hodong called him a cradle robber he’d just roll his eyes. He knew that it was a joke, but he couldn’t help but to tell him off. “You’re shameless, with your track record I’d watch what I was saying if I were you” - putting him in his place right away.


Donghae knew that he shouldn’t have gone on Knowing Bros. He wasn’t suited for variety - he’d accepted it a long time ago. But when Jongkook called him a cradle robber to try and rile him up it worked. “At least I’m not divorced! I actually love them - unlike someone…” - which would probably get him involved in some controversies. He couldn’t care less, though, he didn’t like people messing with the love of his life.


When Park Myeungsoo made fun of Ryeowook for dating you, he’d be livid. Leeteuk would tap his shoulder, reminding him that this was going to be broadcasted and that he needed to calm down. Things didn’t change much though, as Ryeowook glared at him - waiting to talk to him after the filming ended. “You really think you can talk about the love of my life like that?”


Kyuhyun was shocked when HaHa called him a ‘cradle robber’ for dating you. Honestly, he thought it was really funny and would make sure to joke with you about it at home. He realized that it was just for variety show and would be sure to play along. After the broadcast ended, he’d be sure to call you. “Baby girl, they just called me a cradle robber? No - no, baby no I didn’t punch anyone”

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